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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awards, Honors and all around Congrats....

it's been very busy around here this week. 
the kids have been getting awards and honors left and right and i'm as proud as
can be. honestly i love how well they have done this year and it's
all to do with the teachers they have had this year and the 
support of everyone in the schools. 

i am in awe of these people who do so much to help the kids
and they genuinely love what they do. i feel so humbled
when they tell me how much they love my girls and they are 
happy to have taught them and want them to stay in touch 
as they move on in the school system. 
the principals know the kids by name (for a good reason) which shows they are out 
there, being involved in the school and really making an effort to enrich the lives
of each student. i am so thankful for our little town, the fact that i have such
great people rooting for my girls and helping us raise well rounded,
intelligent, happy people. 

Thank you Thomas County School System... YOU ROCK!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

nice. hope you get a chance to tell them...teachers rock!

spudballoo said...

Ah, what a super post! Don't tell me term is over already though?!! x

McGillicutty said...

brian....hopefully they are reading my blog, i know some do.
spud...yep its summer here missy!!!!

Coffeypot said...

I KNOW you are proud of your kids. They tend to have that effect on us...especially grandparents.