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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kids in Sombreros

I really must get back to using my moleskin notebook to jot down my 
ideas. I have had a lot of ideas lately but for some reason when I sit down to blog
absolutely nothing at all comes to mind. 

It's the same when I go to the grocery store, I walk in with a vague idea of 
what I may want to get then I become all overwhelmed and simply cannot think!!! 
It's like being paralyzed by the enormity of the consequences of not getting
the right thing, or forgetting a key ingredient or having to try and think of the
shopping list in terms of three meals a day for four people who have differing 
tastes, not to mention remembering the dog food. 
or the toothpaste.

I'm getting worse as I get older, I have said this before on this blog that I 
have no imagination when it comes to preparing dinner so that when I get into 
the store I just CAN NOT THINK.  This weekend it happened again, I was
trying to plan Sydney's birthday party, yes I was planning it 8 hours before 
it was actually due to begin. We were at the party store and it was like I was having
a panic attack. You would think a list may have helped.... luckily Syd and her
friend had made a list. Phew... then we went to Walmart for the rest of the 
components to make this do a success and once again, panic stricken. 
I just could not muster up a clear vision of what this party was going to look like and what
these poor kids were going to eat and drink, except that it was a Mexican theme. 

We got all the stuff home and threw together a little gathering in the back yard. 
All the stress of the day only showed one time, when I felt like Mother of the Year.
Ash had gone to a different birthday party earlier in the day and I was supposed 
to have picked her up at 5:30 (or at least sent his Gorgeousness to get her).
Well at sixish she comes running into the back yard with her little friends mother!!! 
O.M.G!!!!!! I had forgotten about my youngest child. 
Luckily this family are good friends and brought her home and laughed it off. 
I felt like a total ASS!!!!! 
Oh well, it happens, I can only feel shitty for a while before some other major 
Duh comes along to take it's place! Things could be worse, they could have 
left her at the bowling alley where the party took place. Thank GOD 
someone is a better parent than I. 

It seems the thrown together stressed over party was a success though. 
The fake mustaches and sombreros were a hit, the girls had fun and it was over for 
another month. Ash turns seven next month; this time I'm making lists.


Brian Miller said...

any party with fake moustaches and sombreros has go to be a hit...smiles. happy mothers day!

Anonymous said...

Fake moustaches - my kinda party!!

I am a list maker... but I never get anything that is on them, I just like making myself look like I'm organised!

Char said...

what a great party!