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Friday, May 27, 2011

All the Randomonium I can stand.....

hmmm don't know how this got in here... and those are not my feet... this is what happens when you leave your phone lying around!!!

Its been too long since I did a goes.....

My new little photography business is slow, I know its early days and it takes work but I can't help having anxiety attacks about it being a complete bomb... why do I doubt myself all the time? If you are a marketing wizz and want to work for nothing please apply within.....serious applicants time wasters or weirdos.

There is a little place in my hometown (in England) where people have walked their dogs and cycled and exercised for a million years; apparently some woman has closed off access to it and a friend of mine is rallying the townsfolk into having it warms the cockles of my heart! You go Martin!!!!!!

Seven year old kids have their own brand of comedy that can make me pee my pants. I wish we could all be seven again.

If you leave a fan on all night the white noise is very soothing and will help you sleep, really, then you realize one is just a bitch and the lack of sleep has nothing to do with ones own personality flaws.

Leaving a fan on all night will not stop a whiney ass shih tzu from waking you up! Only placing the kennel three blocks from your home will do're welcome neighbor!

His gorgeousness and I had lunch together this week and witnessed something so hideous we were stopped in our tracks, a "lady" in the diner was wearing a tank top with the slogan "biggest breasts in town" blazened across the front. (She was a complete moose by the way). My lovely hubby commented it wouldn't be socially acceptable for him to get a shirt that said "biggest dick in town"....there's just no equality these days. And no....neither slogan appears to be completely accurate....although how would one really know? Or more to the point care?

The "I have to have the last word" brigade are irritating the shit out of me lately and I think fb is to blame. Just say something and move on, don't pollute the atmosphere with your meaningless quips and mindless cliches....not to mention that thing they do when giving a compliment...pause....then add a zinger! You look great today.........for a change. Eff you, zingerman...its all Karma.

And finally if you must talk about karma, learn to spell it correctly. That is all.

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Brian Miller said...

see i told you not to let all the water run out now we have a lake out back...

Liz said...

We have fans in every room. They do help me sleep better...if only because it drowns out the cries of "Mommy" so that they end up just going back to sleep on their own and leaving me to it. Haven't I given them enough of my sleep??;)'

Mike said...

I want to be seven again..... :(