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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looky Here......and other randomonium!

Well friends it apears that with my wee droid I can circumnavigate the need for a real 'puter and bring you more ramblings than evah before!!!!!! Totally rad dude, 'cept I fear the typing may take forever and be a total drain on the old thumbs....for now tho' its just kinda fun to know I can post from here in a when waiting in the Christmas returns line at Wally World, while in the car wash, at the dentist while he's drilling or even dare I say it.....nope I'll leave that one alone hahahahahaaa. for some longawaited randomonium, today I finally mailed the packages to England for the family, sheesh it was a freakin know the super easy flat rate one size fits one price box they're pushing so hard....well not so easy if its going siree.. different effin' complicated complications for that situation. Filled out three different sets of forms and went thru several different envelopes and boxes 'til I finally told the postie...forget it dipshit, I'm off to walk it there my damn self it'll be way easier! And so I did....walked all the way to the UK and dumped it on their doorsteps and came right home before they saw me!!!!!!

Apparently GA has slipped up the map a little and we're now somewhere close to the New England area, or at least that's what the weather thinks. I love some cold weather myself but my family just isn't mentally equipped for the bundling they are way too used to bare feet and no layers, each morning is the same routine of them stepping out only to return several times for gloves scarfs and other such'd think they'd learn...Mama knows best. Still, the forecast is for 75 later this week so whoop whoop...yeh read it and weep Northerners....I love northerners ....just messin' whichya.

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Brian Miller said...

it is freezing here...windchil puts us below 0...brrr....