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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dang little breather and i lose 2 followers....

So dear appears from the almighty stats that a good few people read my last post.....a melodramatic third party narrative on the indicision of the blogger...and yet so few comments? Hmmmm what to make of that? In my effort to lighten up and stop over analyzing, I'm not going to make anything of it. Just remember this, self, this here outlet is totally selfish and needs to remain in perspective so just ramble on and enjoy it!!!!!!

The New Year is looming..that sounds ominous..OK ..the New Year stands excitedly, anxiously waiting in the wings, eager to make a triumphant appearance and obviously solve all the ills of the world. I mean, what else can change the attitude of the masses other than a brand new Norman Rockwell calendar hanging on the fridges of the eternally hopeful? The ball will drop (glad there's only one or we'd be talking about balls dropping..ewww) and overnight we'll be hurled into a brand new year, nay decade, where all will be perfect and harmoniuos with the bright lights of promise beckoning to our disillutioned little selves; offering up a new world of positivity,weightloss and good will to all mankind. There will be fewer smokers, more runners, less alcoholics and you won't hear any cuss words for about...hmmm five days. Good for us!

On a personal note, I too am full of excitment and awe for what the next year will bring for I'm tackling some major goals head on. I pledge to be in a comletely different place at the end of 2011 than I am at the end of this, a year that started out so positively then seemed to take an effin' nose dive somewhere in the middle, hurtled into a deathspin until it finally crashed and burned right around Christmas. will not be missed 2010; not one little bit.

As well as planning a bright shiny new venture in the coming weeks I pledge to be realistic about the possible downers that await, after all we don't live in Utopia here folks. I do believe that the more realistic our expectations are the easier it is to cope with our reactions to tradgedy, heartbreak and just the downright shitty happenings that are inevitable....not to say i'm all Eyore or anything...quite the contrary. I'm hoping for the best but keeping a small supply of contingency plans ( stashed there ready to give me a boost when times get rough. All the while my trusty realism will be lurking below the surface, helping me keep the year ahead in perspective. So my friends, let's run with it. Let's all pledge to take just one step towards keeping things in perspective, dispense with the internalizing, agonizing and surrendering to our inner demons. My word I feel all empowered writing this stuff down...I truly need to remind myself that there's alot to be said for what's inside this middle aged whackjob and if I don't stand up and be proud of what I have to offer the world how am I gonna teach my girls to be strong, kind and confident? That, after all is my ultimate goal, not to live life through them but to equip them fully with the tools to be more than I could have ever dreamed of being. To give them wings...more than wings....the enthusiasm and courage to use those wings each and every day.

Phew.....kinda on a high now. I'm not going to ask what your outlook is for the New Year, instead I want to know where you plan to be 365 Days from today and how will each of those days count? You don't have to answer just contemplate........besos¡!
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Brian Miller said...

i will need to contemplate that for a bit...smiles. have a wonderful new year!

Coffeypot said...

You may have lost two followers, but you just gained one.

Barb said...

OOOh, Coffeypot is following! You lucky girl, you. And I'm always having to remind myself that number of comments does not equal self-worth. But it's easy to let it bother you.
(But Coffey's a good commenter.)

tori said...

great post! I haven't even thought about new years resolutions or what I hope to do that makes next year count...I'm gonna think on that a while for sure!
One of the main goals I made when I had daughters was to raise them to be strong, confident, independant women. It is my most important life goal. I may not have always had a job and the satisfaction that comes with that but I can say I am doing the best I can do with my kids!
You are going to have an awesome year ahead, I just know it!!!

Char said...

i for one am also ready to slam the door on 2010...and 2009...and 2008...*dusts off hands*

bring on 2011 - i'm ready for a change!

The Bumbles said...

Forward thinking perspective written so inspiringly - you've got me all excited to get up and DO something - tomorrow that is. Today I am still relishing in being a lump. In 365 days I hope to be less lumpy ;0)