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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three Little Birds...

I walked into the bedroom, the girls still slumbering, it's almost 
cruel to have to turn on the light and awaken them from 
their sweet dreams. Can't I just let them sleep until their bodies tell 
them it's time to wake up? No, sorry, that will never do, school starts 
at eight and they like to be there twenty to thirty minutes before in 
order to grab a quick breakfast, unload their bags and prepare for the
learning experiences to come. 

 I spoke first to my eldest, coaxing her out of bed and into the
shower, rubbing her back and encouraging her with little 
snippets of wisdom and advice on how to make the mornings easier.
Then as she stretched and blinked I turned around to wake the
younger sister laying under the covers in her bed, expecting the same soft, gentle,
 little first exchange of the day. I looked and there was no sign of her 
head, she was obviously fast asleep under the duvet and this may
take some time. I gingerly pulled back the covers and leaned in to
that little angelic face to deliver a kiss on her cheek. Before I 
could get all the way down she jumped up and started singing..
"Three little birds, sat on my window, 
and they told me I don't need to worry".
Scared the crap outta me but made me laugh, her accent was SPOT ON!!!! 

I love Corrine Bailey Rae... and so does my child apparently.

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