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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas..... whatever!!!

OK, see ya November…. Nice knowing you although seems like you snuck in and snuck out again pretty damn quick without so much of a Howdjyado.

And so it begins, the merry month of December! Time for wonder and joy, peace and goodwill, joy to all mankind! For who exactly? Not this mama… no… the month starts out badly with my sister having the audacity to be born at the beginning of one of the busiest months of the year.  Whoa McGilli, that’s a little harsh I hear you cry… the thing is I hate it when someone has a birthday at the beginning of the month… for this reason… this is me merrily skipping along for the rest of the year thinking.. Ok.. Sissy has a birthday in December, not even giving it the slightest thought that being her birthday is on the 4th it may take some preparation in NOVEMBER!!!!! And the fact that she’s on the other side of the world might also be an indication that aforethought is required in this situation… other sissy… same thing only in February…. Which is in fact worse because my birthday also falls in February and therefore is the only thing on my mind for the whole month to be honest!!!! (Not really, it’s on my mind for two months, I start thinking about it in January, but didn’t want to sound totally self absorbed).

So dearest Sissy if you’re reading this and wondering if your jolly, little, Welsh posty will be sporting a package from the States.. Not yet… be patient and wait ‘til a more reasonable time of the month! It’s like being fashionably late… kind of.

Once it hits me that it’s December (around the 8th or so) I will realize that there are lots of things to attend in our social little community here in South GA. There’s Christmas festivities here there and everywhere, a Victorian Christmas, ballet performances, school performances, parades and special late night gatherings down town among all the pretty lights and decorations. It’s fantastical and magical and awesomical and downright freakin’ exhausting!!!!!!!

One gets sucked into every little event and then around the 21st it all just stops… abruptly… without warning. Suddenly the kids are out of school and there’s no more entertainment for them…. What the heck is up with that??? The whole town has had it to the back teeth by this time and we’re ready to take down the tree, stop with the turkey and trimmin’s and just be January already!!!! And so my friends, I am left with an empty feeling, a kind of anticlimactic feeling of underwhelming gloom. Like the true meaning and magic have been left somewhere around the middle of the month and that the actual real day… the Glorious 25th… is a little bit of a let down. It’s been like that since I arrived here in the States and it’s just because I was brought up celebrating in a different way. A way in which Christmas Eve was the beginning of the celebrations, that way Christmas Day was all new and fresh and exciting. Our traditions then proceeded all the way into the New Year, so about the first week of January was when we all got sick to death of it all….. And by my reckoning that’s a good time to get fed up, not on Christmas Day….it’s kinda rude…right???

I‘m going to do a series of posts called the Twelve Days of Christmas, I know, that took a horrendous amount of creativity to come up with that name!!!  I will share with you some of the things I love the most, miss the most and remember the most….I will start tomorrow and you are welcome to join in and share the love if you feel so inclined, just link back to my posts so we can all see who’s playing.

I wish I had a button or some kinda clever little picture to decorate the post but hey ho I don’t… as yet… unless some clever little blog elf is reading and wants to come up with something ridiculously cute for this venture?? Anyone?? Don’t be shy now, just surprise me with something, consider it a Chrissy Pressie!!! Thanks!!!

See y’all tomorrow for the beginning of my festive memoirs…


Brian Miller said...

nice...i think that will be a great series of post....oh yeaf we are over teh hill on the rollercaoster to christmas...

Char said...

:) this is when i'm glad i'm pretty low key when it's christmas. otherwise is it very exhausting.