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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fantastic Friday...

Dang it this has been one hell of a hard week... 
sick kids, sick me and hubster out of town!!!! 

To top it all I have dealt with passive aggression at it's 
worst but won't go into all that. 

Soooo... TGIF... here's what's making me smile this morning.
Syd had to pick something to take to school to put in everyone's 
stocking in her class... she chose Christmas Crackers! Her 
fav tradition from Merry Olde England... I'm so proud.

The girls both have field trips today to see the Nutcracker, they are 
so excited, they love it and want to start dance lessons so that they
can be in it next year. I have warned Ash to stay in her seat
and not run up on the stage!!!! 

Tomorrow I'll be out there in the cold ringing the Salvation Army Bell, collecting
donations for the needy. I don't relish the thought of the cold but 
I take the girls with me and we usually have a good time, I'm happy that
they are happy to do it. 

OK that's it... gotta get ready to start the day... just wanted to 
pop in real quick and let the blogosphere know I'm still alive and 
kicking, not quite on full revs but kicking none the less!!! 
Happy Friday Y'all. 


Barb said...

I need to introduce my kids to those crackers. As boys, I know they'd love it! Good for you on the bell ringing. That wonderful sis and her wonderful daughter did it last week. You all get gold stars!

Brian Miller said...

you know i just learned about christmas crackers the other day...i am a deprived is to hoping the weekend is better for you...

Char said...

i hope you're on the mend! and yes, i love the ballet