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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Corner View December Holidays.....

This weeks theme is the Holidays, specifcally December. I think for me its all about family and being home....when I was a kid we never ever went anywhere on Christmas day and I assumed it was like that for everyone always....I was kinda shocked to realise one day that some people even work on Christmas day!!!!!! How could that be? So now i'm old and know better that the world doesn't just stop because its Christmas....and more importantly there are those in this world who don’t even celebrate Christmas, I have no idea why that's on my mind so much this year but it is...weird!
Anyhoodles.....this year im concentrating on the kids and building their memories and traditions as one does. I seem to have neglected a couple of the English things like an Advent Calendar and Christmas crackers altho Syd did get to take some to school and they were a hit. It's gonna be a quiet one and we will do what we can this year but I can't wait to just get it done and move on, this has been one of the crappiest years of my life has!!!! I say...suck it 2010....and let 2011 bring the fun back into my world!
The picture just kinda sums it I feel....let's hope it transforms into a sunny cabana on the beach someday soon!
Now....go check the other corner viewers they are prolly way happier than me!!
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Char said...

heres to a better year for you!!


Barb said...

Bye 2010. Let's have a great 2011!! My child suggested we start a new family tradition. He asked if we can open a present every day for the whole month! Gotta love kids.

nadine paduart said...

i'm sorry if 2010 has been bad... i wish you all the best.
i don't mind the picture at all, but then i'm a loner. ;)

Theresa said...

Great photo to echo your sentiments. Here's to a new start of something good!