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Sunday, December 5, 2010

If you keep your ears open....

So.... for some reason I can't get the alignment to work.... crap... not a good way to start a post!!! 
OK ... there we go, this is how I like it, even though someone commented once that it is 
stupid looking and distracting, thanks anonymous!!! 

This weekend has been a hugely busy weekend full of weird and wonderful things. 
I have, once again, been volunteering with Junior Service League in an 
effort to raise money for children's charities, this time at an event of epic
proportions consisting of ballet performances, arts n crafts, Santa in all kinds
of situations.. that doesn't sound right does it but you know what I mean. 

It was a great opportunity for me to help out an old friend who is a pretty 
awesome photographer and I'm glad to say she shared some stuff with me
that I'm excited to take note of and work on. 
It's great to listen to someone who's already worked it out and worked it out brilliantly
I have to say. One of the things I admire most
about her work is the one thing I'm crappy at
so hopefully I can take her advice and run with it and improve my 
picture taking in turn creating more satisfaction with the end results.

It's strange how territorial and snooty some other photographers can be though,
I did actually witness the "official photographer" of the event whining to the 
organizers about all the mothers and their DSLR's. What??? Seriously???
Get over yourself dude, I wondered if it's a male domination thing or if 
he's really such a douche he wants the whole place to himself. 
I wonder if it's the same in other areas of the arts? Does Justin Timberlake
bitch about Justin Beiber? kinda unfair comparison there but you get my point.

On the home front... little Peanut has been sick AGAIN.... wtf? enough 
already. She's been on Prevacid for a while now and it seems to be working, I think 
this is more of a virus because she's been running a fever and has a sore 
throat. Maybe flu? Dear God I hope not! 
It's been hard to tell her I had to leave her and go to work the Christmas
thingy and not be able to take her with me to see Santa. Boo!
One of my close friends also had a little sick one at home and she 
worked longer and harder than I did, so if you're reading.. I'm 
full of sympathy and hope you can now take a little rest and be good
to yourself and your family no one deserves it more than you.

And so after this little whiney post, I offer you this, keep your eyes and 
ears open, it's amazing what you can learn about others and more
importantly what you can learn about yourself.


erica said...

I used to date a photographer and I was his assistant at weddings. He would make comments like the asshole photographer that you mentioned, so I'm not really surprised. Maybe male photographers are just assholes. Or at least these two.

lisaschaos said...

Not all male photographers are bad, lol. My husband and I shoot together and we never mind people having their cameras out too - but we are being paid to take the shots and we must be able to get them without interference. :0)

I LOVE that little figurine! Too cute!

McGillicutty said...

ooops sorry Lisa... I know your hubs is def the exception. I have seen your site and love love love it!!!! I wish I had your talent. xxxxx