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Monday, December 20, 2010

Time for some Randomonium!!!!!

OK... it's been a while since I have done the Randomonium post...quite frankly 
'cos I haven't been feeling too random... things have been planned and 
precise and there hasn't been too much frivolity. 
Which is a shame at this time of year but I'm starting to find that being a mother
and in charge of the military operation that is "the freakin' holidays" I'm 
left with a feeling of definite frivolity-deficiency.
Honestly.....I'll be glad when this is all over and I can say Happy Effin' 
New Year, Baby!!! bring it!!!! 

His gorgeousness has been on the search for my Christmas gift, he is not 
one to surprise me, there's no walking into a jewelers, dropping a 
months salary and surprising the bejesus outta me. No... but there is always a 
story about some ridiculous moron of a sales clerk.... and this year is
no exception. He's aware of my long time desire to own a Bamboo Craft
or Fun or whatever as long as it's Bamboo and comes with PS Elements.
True to Mr McGilli's nature he has to research the goods and his catchphrase
when shopping is.. "what makes this one better than that...etc". so he hopped online 
today and saw that said items are on the Office Depot website, knowing there was
an Office Depot close to where he was working today he thought he'd stop by 
and see the product, talk to a knowledgeable human being and make an 
informed decision. Not so. When he got to the store he wandered around a 
little but was unable to find anything Bamboo so he asked the sales clerk who gave 
a blank stare and then looked at the manager as if to say, what the eff is he on
about? the manager, ever so helpful, told the clerk to look it up on the web, 
find the item number and see if they have any in stock. OK, sounds reasonable.
Hubs had to guide the search after the clerk said in monotone.. "so what'ma lookin' fir?"
He then found the item and she looked it up, and it said they have none in stock, 
he's familiar with retail stock software and took a look at it himself.. he said there
was some kind of code there that read 12-1-86.. maybe a default code to say 
there was not one in the store. The clerk clearly understood the code and then 
quite confidently announced that they hadn't stocked that item since 1986!!!! 
He laughed and simply asked if the store was even there in 1986, to which she
adamantly replied it sure was, just not in that particular location!! 
He so badly wanted to tell her that no one even had a freakin' laptop in 1986 never
mind a Bamboo Craft/Fun/Tablet and that she was totally full o' shit...
but he's polite so he just shrugged and told her he was sure he'd find it at Best Buy. 
Ummm let's just hope he does, time is running out buster!!!!! 

It's been a shitty kind of a day/week/month/year around here and in response
to all the stress and strife I decided tonight I would treat myself to a cocktail to
ease the pain and help me relax. Well there was too much Jack for one drink and not 
enough for two, I poured it into one small glass, realized it was too much, so I 
poured it into a bigger glass and filled it with Coke Zero (of course) Syd came in to see
what I was doing. I told her I was just getting myself a little Christmas Cheer.
"You need it" she bluntly informed me... thanks kid... then I tasted it
and made a face... she told me "I guess Cheer doesn't taste too good!".

In other news...not too down with the new layout of FB, you???
the one thing I hate is that it shows the comment that you leave on other people's
walls.... I know it's out there but I kinda don't want it to be out there... 
ya know??? I just don't know why it's bothering me but it is, have been 
spending more time on Twitter which was hard to deal with at first
but I'm getting a handle on it. Also the pics on the top of the deal 
are all the ugly ones I don't want peeps to see right off the bat. 
another thing that makes you go Hmmmmm!!! 

Glad to see my BFF Bambi is back in the blogosphere...kinda.. she's been sorely missed!!! 
and I'm dispensing with the Christmas Memoirs... just can't be bothered. 
Love and Hugs... Moi!!! 


Char said...

it has been a tough month for me for sure. hope it's better soon for you. i feel so out of it and i've only been away for a bit over a week.

ModernMom said...

Oh all the fun of the season!
That laptop story blows my mind...good grief what a retail fail.

Wishing you and yur family all the best for this holiday season:)