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Monday, September 6, 2010

To Shoot a Hummingbird....

The quest to shoot a perfect picture of a hummingbird continues.

The weather here has cooled slightly to a more manageable 98 degrees! so I have cleaned off the patio and spent a little time out here.... the goal in mind... to capture a decent pic of Mr Hummy and his family. Not a snowballs chance in hell!!! First off the little bastards have been divebombing the patio at beyond Mach speed or warp speed or whatever it is that is super duper fastido.

Secondly, the battery on Nic the Nikon decided to die (um why doesn't a super duper picture taker like me have a spare??) I scrambled into the house and grabbed the little Kodak (it sometimes captures great things) and after a few more minutes of unrelenting teasing by the Hummy family the battery on the Kodak went tits up too!!!

Sorry but wtf does a girl have to do to get a decent power supply around here???? just checked and my net book's about to die... urrgghhh!!!!! Since losing the cameras I decided to enjoy the garden anyway and watch  mother nature in all her glory while i have a moments peace. Guess what.... Mr Hummy had decided to quit with the hijinks and come have some lovely nectar from the feeder... oh what a glorious sight!!!! and to just sit and enjoy his beauty is astonishing to me. I don't think I can remember seeing anything so beautiful...his graceful tiny body, the bright red breast and iridescent green back... those wings... and the delicate beak!!!
It's so calming to sit here watching this marvelous scene.... how lucky I am. Now that I am lensless he's taunting my by resting on top of the shepherds hook, drinking at the feeder very leisurely and hovering right in front of me displaying all his tiny perfection!!

And in related news.... the leaves are very slowly starting to fall from the trees...bright red already and gracefully floating down one by one. Thank God for Fall.... it's been one helluva long hot summer!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hahahahahaha! Tits up... Gonna use that later! I love our hummers too, but they are scarce. I only have one or two and they never stick around. Too many other screechy birds around, I think. Next year, it's going to be a better crazy bird lady set up!

Grizzly Bear said...

LOL... that totally sucks.Those darn suckers are so freaking fast anyways...... little bastards LOL

Ashley Sisk said...

You know it's funny...same thing happened with me and a butterfly. Several weeks ago, I chased butterflies all over. Then yesterday, one just sat there for what seemed like forever. Did I catch a good photo? Nope.

Brian Miller said...

oh dang he's taunting you...its just not fair...smiles.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Maybe you can find the nest and snap a shot when sleeping? That's the only way I can get a good picture of our new kitten....when she's sleeping.

Hope you had a great weekend.


rxBambi said...

aww come on punkin, don't get your titties in a wad. You'll get that sucker. Or, you can borrow my hummingbird pic :)

love ya baby cakes

Char said...

i never seem to get a good shot of them either. i noticed two darting and playing at the gardens on sunday - so happy for the 70 degree weather at that time in the morning.

it was beautiful to watch

Stephanie said...

Oh best of luck! we saw TWO when we were away on vacay, but they don't hover in one place for very long:)