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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coming to you live from my sick bed..

OK, what the heck is a sick bed???? is it different from a sleep bed??? or a flower bed??

Anyhoodles...I really don't feel good today and seeing as this is my blog and I can do it laying down I am striving  to keep my readers amused while I suffer from "the crud". Here are my symptoms, my throat hurts, my back aches, I feel like I have three pounds of cotton stuffed in my sinuses and ear canals. I have taken some painkillers and I'm settled in bed to read a while, snooze a while, watch tv a while and rest 'til this bug finds a new host.

Here are some random tid bits I have been pondering lately and I'd like your comments please...

How long does a gnat live? There has been one hippity hoppin' around inside my windshield for a week now and I can't reach the dang thing to squash it. Should I even do that? he's not harmful, just freakin' annoying... actually annoying to the point he could cause an accident so maybe I'll get Ash to stand up there on the seat and reach the little bastard.

I have come to realize that seeing as my phone now has a keyboard to send texts I can't figure out the phone numbers that are listed as words... you know.. 1-800-get shit... when you're calling the home shopping network, or 1 888 81 COSMO.. talk about aggravating. I was driving home last night and as I now have a "commute" I have had my Sirius turned back on and I love the Cosmo Channel... they had a phone in called "what your beef is" and I was totally in the mood to share some beef when it hit me... I can't call 'cos I don't know the damn REAL NUMBER!!!! and even if I did have a phone with the letters on the numbers isn't that like texting if you're trying to figure it out while driving... and that's illegal in GA!!! Boo people... give us real numbers so we can plug them into the speed dial and keep harassing you whist abiding by the law!!!

This week has not been a good photography week.. at all... in fact... any pictures I have taken are complete shite and I'm only sharing them because I feel the need to cheer up the blogosphere.... you see.. .they are so bad you'll be RAOTFLYAO.  Peeps need to quit with the masterpieces and let us see the crap that seeps from the memory cards once in a while.  Let's hope this crud goes away quickly and allows me to get back into the Nikon saddle!!!! I was supposed to be having a little session this evening but had to cancel... big boo.
 A cotton field in rural South GA... all over exposed and using totally the wrong lens...crap.
 That effin' hummingbird... see him.... no... look closely... double crap.
 The humming bird feeder...sans hummingbird... the effer flew away... crap! 
 See this... complete white... yes ... this is what happens when you accidentally have your
camera set on manual but you haven't set any settings.. you get.... white!!! 
and finally... an over exposed shitty lookin' tire of a huge piece of farm equipment. I can't
even be bothered to edit this or play with it... Ashley Sisk if you're reading... take this and make
it wonderful would ya? there's a doll. 

And that's it from me... gotta lay down a while... starting to feel shitty again... don't know if it's the crud or if it's the effect of looking at those crapadoodledo pictures!!! Check in witchya later. Toodles xxxxx


Brian Miller said...

i like the field pic...sorry you are not feeling well...

beth said...

feel better....and you did make me laugh :)

Unknown said...

You have me rolling! They all look monumentally better than my 3megapixel PowerSh*t pix!!!!! Feel better!

yonca said...

Love the first pic! Hope you feel better soon.

Barb said...

I totally get the thing about the phone. That is really annoying! Feel better!

rxBambi said...

I think you can sell that white one to a museum and make a kajillian bucks! Oh, no, wait. It's already been done. good try tho :)

Anonymous said...

Don't kill the gnat. Instead, try to have someone scoop him out alive. But definitely get rid of him, or a spider or something will crawl into your car to get him instead. :o(

I hope you feel better soon! :o)

McGillicutty said...

SB... too late, I squashed him yesterday after Syd told me they live forevaaaahhhh!!!!!