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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corner View... 7

In five, four, three, cue Corner View!!!!

OK so I'm like a week or so late, the other more reliable CVers have already posted one CV post for the season and me being the eternal slacker, well you know how it goes.  It's all part of my passive aggressiveness, a symptom of PA is consistent lateness in order to disrupt things.

If you are a recent reader... welcome... the fun part of CV is that you can join in at any time. The host for the time being is Theresa.. she has a fantastic blog.. and a super creative family... go give her a look see. Jane of Spain Daily, who is the mother of CV, is on a hiatus right now... hugs Jane.. luv ya... If you'd like to check out other fantastic Corner Viewers just click on the links to the left of my page. I will just say that my list may be a little outdated, some of the CVers have dropped the project, others have dropped blogging completely. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to update the links.. or maybe Theresa or Jane will... see how lazy I am.

This weeks theme is SEVEN.  Seems easy enough.. only it was not.. 'cos I left it to the last minute .. again.. and hastily snapped this shot of seven mints at my office this afternoon. I totally couldn't stand the thought of not posting so this is what I came up with... lame I know. Promise to do better in future.
now... go check out the others... see you tomorrow with another in the series of Randomonium... and I may have a very exciting giveaway to share!!! Besos!!!!!


Brian Miller said...

i can make it six for you real quick...and give me enough time and you will have an empty table...smiles. i like the blurred effect...

Theresa said...

You are pretty cute and charming. I love your mints.
Re: CORNER VIEW - Jane and I are trying to update the list. Anyone who sees this comment can contact me and tell me if you want in or not. Either is fine. We just want the list to be more accurate so people can navigate easier :)

Char said...

i love peppermints!

Lynn said...

Oh...I can almost taste these. They remind me of restaurants. Good, family restaurants where I'd bring my kiddos. So yes. Mints. Nice, yummy, shot that makes me get all mushy inside. :o)

Conny said...

Better late than never. :>) Glad you decided to post anyway. Did it take "seven" minutes to write/post? See, you can be creative on a dime, or in this case on a mint. Cheers~