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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday snippets....

It's Sunday and I have to say it's very quiet and relaxing around McGilliville today.
Almost eerie, kinda like the calm before the storm, it's officially fall and the leaves are 
now making a definite impact on the lawn.... it's brown instead of green. 
The sky is overcast and there's no wind... the light is something I may not have stopped
to notice a year or so ago before I really got into photography.

The summer flowers I had in pots on the patio are dead for sure. I haven't 
paid them any attention and it's probably been a month since it rained here.
It rains all around, a little to the North, a little to the South even some of our
friends on the other side of town have had a little rain but not a drop at our place. 
Time to get out there and tidy up a little.. my least favorite thing to do! 

I'm ready for cooler temps but it also means things are hotting up around here
in preparation for "the Holiday" season. Thirteen years in this country and I still 
can't get the whole Holiday Season thing down. It's still unnatural to me... I feel 
all stressed out and haggered (this is misspelled according to spell check... if you can,
just peek at the alternatives offered)....before Christmas even gets here I'm over 
it... had enough and the magic is gone!!! One day I will take the family home
to England and have a real Christmas; Queens Speech and everything. 

I'm ready to start some new projects around here too. I haven't taken a picture
in probably over a week, and I miss it but have decided to dive into a couple of other
groups and themes so that I can draw inspiration from some of the bloggers and
photographers I have been enjoying lately. So, don't abandon just yet... check back 
and see what wonderful creations I can create!! One of my thoughts is to try 
and catch leaves as they're falling.. very challenging indeed... the bright sky, the 
angles, and the motion all at once. We'll see how it turns out. 

So ... my little laid back friends.. hope this post relaxed you but didn't put you 
totally to sleep. See you next time!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

i am not ready for holidays...seems like we just got over them...relaxing..yes we are doing that here as well today...

Char said...

sweet sweet photograph

Unknown said...

I am a spelling nerd, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be "Haggard," but I could be totally wrong.

That photo is simply divine. Gorgeous. Sigh.

We've gotten our first feel of fall today too, but I'm not sure it's here for real just yet. But I'm ready for the cooler weather.


rxBambi said...

isn't it Hagrid as in Rubeus Hagrid??

def not ready for the 'holidays' but willing to go to england with you and see how it's done there.

miss you much. skype me sometime, k?

The Bumbles said...

Andy told me the fake X-Mas trees were out at Home Depot this weekend. Grrrrr! Just once can't we all Trick-Or-Treat before the holidays take over?!

Beautiful header photo - I haven't been by in a while to notice. Bad Bumble that I am. My apologies Mama.