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Friday, September 17, 2010

Randomonium Friday Fun

Here's today's fur ball of random crap... and there is some mighty random crap going on right now I can tell ya.

So, I have been back in the workplace for almost three weeks and all is peachy. One of the things I like about it is my commute.. yes... I know.. I'm surprised too. I tune in regularly to Cosmo and Martha Stewart Radio and I'm in awe at what I have been missing out on all this time. You see while I was working literally six minutes from home I didn't see the need to have satellite radio, unjustifiable expense I told myself. Well now that I'm in the car for about an hour a day it's totally worth the expense to be able to listen to Cocks with P on Cosmo or the best of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on the Martha station. I even called in.... yes..... I did... and they took my call and I sounded like a totally cool listener getting her two cents worth on a NATIONAL RADIO SHOW!!!!! I'm stoked and will giggle about it forever. I just wish I had told them my name was McGilli and I have a blog.. darn it.. next time.
Syd got braces. I am kinda shell shocked by it all, she's so little, she's my baby, she's almost up to my chin and had braces, how in GODS NAME did this happen so quickly???  It's more traumatic to me than her first day of Kindergarten or her first sip of Champagne.. wait that wasn't traumatic at all I was so proud of her!!! Now she's all floss and wax balls.
For the last time people.... it's "I COULDN'T care less"... not "could" care less!!! and it's 'without further ADO' ... look it up if you're gonna use it. Sorry, I don't mean to be a grammar bitch 'cos God knows I could use some help from my friend the 12th grade English teacher, but these are the basics. Thank you.

I was hoping to get this posted yesterday but sorry folks, I had a prior engagement, I went out with a couple of my most favorite girlfriends and we had a dinner that was beyond fabulous!! I just like to use that "beyond" terminology 'cos it makes me sounds like Kate Gosslin..  not that I want to be like her in the slightest... well maybe some new boobs and a tummy tuck. We ate at an Italian place in town that is in an old Railway station... truly adorable setting. The food and wine were completely yummy and I enjoyed the company no end... only thing was... the damn chairs are not that comfortable... what up wi' dat??? How can you stay and soak up the ambiance (as you soak up the wine) when you're ass is in a vice... literally. Other than that... fabby night out and I wish I could share the topics of conversations but alas... you just had to be there!! !

And finally, there was a survey or poll, or whatever you want to call it, done to show that people who use Facebook are narcissistic....why in God's name do they need to do a survey to come up with that little nugget of information!!! We know it, that's why we indulge... oh yeah, we pretend to be interested in the lives of our friends and family but seriously, isn't it all about me, me, me and what my status is????? a lot like bloggin' really only I do see bloggin' as more of a kind a pen pal situation. The truth is... there's a teeny tiny narcissist in each of us, only some more than others, and that's just fine as long as you're not being totally obnoxious but isn't that the whole essence of these social networks anyway, to allow you to toot your own horn while you can sit in the privacy of your own home and spend hours and hours getting your status updates JUST SO... before releasing to the public at large. Much more conducive to sounding like you know what the eff it is you're on about...or not! Just saying... and tongue is in cheek... just in case you didn't already get that!!!! sometimes have to clarify.. just sayin'.


iasa said...

I say 'i could care less' all the time, but that is exactly what i mean. When i am at the bottom of the abyss of caring then i say 'i couldn't care less'. Does this mean people think i don't know what i am trying to say? Oh well, i generally don't know what i am saying.

Brian Miller said...

that is why i blog...nothing narcistic about that...smiles. nice on the braces...and on getting out with the girlfriends...that is important.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I wrote in for tickets to the Alexis and Jennifer show and haven't heard back. Guessing it probably won't be happening.

How are you liking the new job? Hope it's going well. I remember I'd catch up with friends when I was commuting 94 miles each way to work.

Julia Writer said...

My daughter will probably be having braces in the next few months. Crying at the expense already.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Just thought I'd tell you, got tickets to the Alexis and Jennifer show on the 29th. Woo Hoo!