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Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is it....

This is the only thing I could capture at the hummingbird feeder....... and I'm done!!!!!!
at least it's keeping the ants off my picnic!!!!!!

So, what's up blogosphere??? I haven't managed to be around as much as I'd like and for that I apologize, I have managed to read a few blogs here and there but have been a butt about commenting cos I'm on the fly!
I'm feeling a little out of touch with the outside world but it's all good. Had a lot going on personally that's been keeping my occupied so I don't actually feel deprived. It's good to be busy but would be good to be busy blogging too if you know what I mean. I have even managed to gain a couple of followers... welcome!!

In other news.... next week is fall break for my kids... the first week of October. Phew. I feel like they just started back never mind it already being fall break. The neighbors (who we love btw) have already put up their Halloween lights... um hello... it's just a weeee bit too early there Mr n Mrs Neighbor. I'm about to send my kids over to whine in your ear about how the meany McGilli's won't put up the Halloween lights until, well,  Halloween.  When does everyone else put them up??? if at all???? never bothered before we had kids.. .and question number two... when will the kids grow out of it??? I"m too old for all this stuff!!!!

And finally on a more sombre note... one of our own was tragically killed in Afghanistan last week, he's a native of our little town and graduated from the high school that my kids will attend. His funeral is to be held in the auditorium tomorrow afternoon with full military honors and then there will be a procession to the graveside. A flag parade is planned, I won't be able to be there but my neighbor (did I mention I love her) is taking my kids. So, dear readers, please stop a moment tomorrow and remember Sr Chief Blake McClendon USN and his family.


Brian Miller said...

sorry to hear about the one killed in afghanistan...i have a friend over there now...

halloween lights?

yonca said...

So sad. I'm so sorry about the one killed in Afghanistan.
What a great neigbor you have!

Barb said...

We don't do lights for Halloween, but my kids have been begging me for almost 2 weeks to put out all the decorations. I told them we'd have to wait until October. So I guess we'll be doing it this weekend. Most of our decorations are for inside. Just a big scary spider and some grave stones for outside. :)