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Saturday, October 2, 2010

They told me I'm boring....

Me boring... I beg to freakin' differ!!!! 
Although I guess they had a point. 
For some reason, and I can't for the life of me think what is going on here, I 
feel compelled to call into the talk shows on Cosmo Radio. 
I listen to them religiously going to and from work and I get so involved that
I feel I am part of the stupid show. I have to say my fav is Wake Up with Taylor.
She is hilarious and I start to think I'm hanging out with her just a talking and 
a laughing all the way to work. It's hard to get out of the car. 
Then on the way home it's Cocktails with Patrick, which I used to think was 
pretty good and funny but to be honest his side kick Leah is funnier than he is.

So last night I'm driving home and this compulsion to call in washes over me 
(again) this would make it the third time I'd called in the past couple of weeks.
The "bit" was called 'what yo beef is' and you call in to complain about something
and tell them you have a beef with someone or something. 
Well I don't really have any beefs to be honest, life has been going perfectly smoothly 
and  there's nothing eating away at me right now. Strange, cos I'm usually kinda 
caustic and snarky but presently, the planets must be aligned, I'm completely tickitty boo.

However, call in I must, so I made up a little beef and honestly.... it was lame. So
lame I'm just going to hope that none of my readers were tuned in to the radio show and
I can keep my lameness under wraps. Here's the thing tho'... they had some hideous
guy in the studio with them (another radio show host) and he said he liked my accent
but that I was BORING!!!! Man that hurt!!! Boring... call me anything but please
don't call me boring, especially when you are on the show to get a date... how boring
are you if you can't even get your own dates?????? dummy!!!!!! 

Then a few minutes later, and exactly why I was still tuned in, I don't know after such a 
blow to my ego, another caller said she had a beef with my beef... cool...
so there you have it... How could I have been boring if it prompted a rebuttal from 
another listener and an almost-cat-fight ensued??? Isn't that what makes a call in show
interesting? Comment; then cause someone to comment on your comment and so 
on, therefore creating a DISCUSSION a DEBATE something to get your teeth into!!! 

I tried calling back but alas was home before I could get thru and didn't want my 
family to know I'm obsessed with calling into radio shows so I gave up. Instead, I 
ran (well walked quick like) to my beloved net book and emailed them!!!!! 
WTF is wrong with me??? I couldn't let it go... then I started to break out in a cold 
sweat because I don't have Sirius Radio in the house and would no never know if they
saw my email and commented on it.  I would never know what the outcome of 
the discussion would be??? if they would ever retract their initial declaration of my
Yeah... now I have a BEEF.... thanks Cocks with P... I'm all beefed up with
no one to call!!!! 


Jessica Warrick said...

LMAO your to funny.. making up a beef to calling to the radio then getting into a beef over how boring you are that is to funny...

Gail said...

You are never boring, my dear.

Brian Miller said...

hahaha. (yawn) lol, jk....

Barb said...

How could someone who says "tickitty boo" be boring?

Matty said...

That's why it all backfired on you. You made up a beef. You should have followed your tickitty boo and not try to fix what isn't broke. LOL

ModernMom said...

LOL You are far from boring...and just proved it! I would never be able to call into a radio show:)

Char said...

LOL what channel? I will have to listen out for you as I have Sirius in the car too. But I usually listen to Martha Stewart (Well...Whatever Martha) or Starz.

Persnickety said...

Like your energy. And your blog makes mine quite embarrassingly boring.

McGillicutty said...

Ha.. these comments have really made me laugh and cheered me up... i am a little silly about the whole calling in thing and today I tried to call in AGAIN!!! but my inner sensible person made me hang up.