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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures.....

This has been an extraordinary year for me so far, it's moving pretty quickly but then that's to be expected, I'm getting older and that means time just whizzes by you.  I set myself some goals this year and I'm pretty much on my way to accomplishing them... sort of.

The photo a day project took a severe beating this past month, not because I didn't take a picture a day, quite the reverse, but because I"m completely crap at documenting and posting. I hate the organizing and tagging and numbering, those among us who are far more chronologically minded are gasping in horror right now!!! Sorry.

I'm the kinda girl who has oodles and oodles of randomly named files in 'my documents' and most of them are duplicates and some are actually named "random"... "random i".. "very random" you get the pic.  Then I stress when I want to find that exact picture I took on that day.. remember the day at the thingymajig.. in the pink shirt... the sun was shining!!!

I did manage to take my photography class and learned A LOT!!! also learned I still have A LOT to learn. It's waaayyy more than just point and shoot. It's been fun but I may have to take another class. I'm loving it and hoping to actually set up a page on this here blog dedicated to just posting my pictures, no words, no fancy descriptions... just pictures.  I actually wish I had a studio... I know that's a grand plan isn't it!!! For now just a wee page on my blog will do. Now that I have paid Google $5 for extra storage space the sky is the giddy limit... as we Brits say.

What are some of your goals this year... are you accomplishing them or wallowing in slackerdom?????


rxBambi said...

I am totally wallowing in slackerdom. great pics tho, I especially love the first and the last :)

Char said...

beautiful shots - i always loved my photography classes.