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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Party!!!!

Just saying... hee hee.

Today was the perfect day... no really... it was. The mother's day weather Gods were smiling upon us. I got up (early for me on a Sunday) and went to take some pics of a gorgeous family downtown. I'm really pleased with the results but they're not ready for unveiling on the old blog yet. My "big computer" is messing with my mind right now and that's where I have downloaded them to..... so all being well I'll share soon. I'm seriously having download problems all over the place so I'm thinking of inventing some kind of Activia for computers!!!!

OK... after that I relaxed a while, spent time with his gorgeousness and the girls before heading to a nearby park with a lake. We had a beautiful funfilled walk through the award winning gardens before heading to the lake for a swim. Seriously... no humidity, no clouds but no beating sun either... surreal for this part of the world. Gorgeous!

I am settled quietly in the back yard, enjoying a glass of red, watching the birds eat from our feeder and enjoying life immensely.  I love it... his gorgeousness is about to dish up some of his famous chicken with red potatoes mashed with the skin on and some broccoli... life doesn't get any better than this!!!

I truly hope all you lovely Mother's out there had a day as wonderful as mine.... what did you do?????


Brian Miller said...

happy mothers day! sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Susan said...

that does sound like a fab day -- except for swimming in the lake. Eww. Not a fan. BUT the rest of it sounds fab. Especially the whole 'husband cooking' thing. Oh and the red.

Hubs took me to Grafton winery and then we had pizza for dinner (I was in no shape to cook, neither was he).

Miss you. when are you coming to the lou? (No, not the LOO, the LOU?)

rxBambi said...

lol I didn't even know I had a Susan acct!