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Monday, May 17, 2010

Muchas Gracia Monday

Ive said it before and i'll say it again....I love Kim at Too Many Kids... she's very funny, very generous and most of all has this great idea for a Monday post. Check her out now... I insist.

Here's my little list of things I'm feeling  Muchas Gracias about today...... yes I know it's Monday and i'm not your typical kinda perky Monday kinda person but there are some things I can acknowledge and be thankful for..... yes... I can!!!

I am thankful that this week marks the end of the school year in our neck of the woods. Yep, I'm looking forward to a tiny bit more time in slumberland each morning... no hassles with what they should be taking to school in their bags, what shoes to wear or whether they need a hair clip.... summer means let it all hang loose in our house!!! Chill, take a bath when you need one, wear shoes and shirts if and when the mood takes you and don't bother me unless your bleeding.

I'm thankful that this evening I can sit here on the porch and punch out this post, the sun is blazing but I don't care, I can hardly see the screen but what the's all good. I feel a gentle breeze, I got me a chilled glass of wine and all is lovely!!!

I'm thankful for Ash, my crazy little companion. She's so sweet and funny, she can sit here for a very long time just talking complete drivel and she's totally satisfied. Right now she's showing me the azaleas in the yard and telling me what their names are.... Bob.. she's very proud of him for growing so big... then there's his brother Edward... Nice!!!!

I'm thankful that my beloved husband just called to say he's on his way home... plenty of notice so I can blog some more then quickly throw dinner together and pretend like I've been slaving away since I got home! hee hee. Sneaky I know but one has to keep on ones toes if one is to maintain any kind of harmony in the McGilly house!!! I'm sure it's not just my beloved who feels that blogging is too time consuming... admit it... some of you are secret bloggers right???????

and finally I'm thankful for the snakeskin sandals with giant bling that make any day a wonderful day!!!!

now... go check out kim and join in.... it's never too late.


Kimi@SoManyKids said...

Ohhh I totally am a halfway closet blogger. The hubs knows about it and supports it but I try do my blogging and blog stalking while he is still at work.

A cute pair of sandals makes any day bettter!

blueviolet said...

It seems so early to be done with school for the year but that's great!!!

I find it kinda cute that you're a secret blogger.

Conny said...

Hee, hee ~ yours was a muchas gracias monday AND a confessional friday all rolled into one. :>) You both are incredibly funny. Thanks for the recommend.

As much as I'd like to partake in Muchas Gracias Monday I'm afraid it'd be one more post I'd not be prepared for ~ I've been sucking at my other weekly post promises lately. Grrr.

Congrats on the "schools out for summer" next week! (we still have 3 to go here in Calif.)

Brian Miller said...

wow...we still got 14 school days here...but it is coming soon and cant wait...time to play!

lol...secret blogger...

rxBambi said...

I need a photo of those sandals! and maybe a pair. I'm a size 8 :)

our pool is stinking cloudy and it's chilly here. I think I need to be in south georgia :(