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Friday, May 28, 2010

Coolest Mom in town....

Oh yeah that's me!!!! It was a pretty hot one here in the South so 
whats the only thing you can do with restless kids on a scorcher like this???
Get them slathered in sun block and get them out into the pool. 

Oh yeah, come one, come all, if there's a spot in my new roomy SUV (what oil crisis)
i'll load up you and your towel and we'll take over the pool of one poor unsuspecting 
great grandfather two blocks away.

Six little girls, open windows and sunroof, Miley Cyrus and a Party in the USA.

The swim was anything but relaxing, there were cannonball competitions, 
races with me at the stopwatch, water tag you name it. Then I ordered them out of
the pool, back into the bus and it was time for pizza and lemonade, I was shocked
at how much pizza six little hungry chicks can put away!!!! 

The activities continued with a choice of badminton on the lawn or a movie 
inside... yes people by 9 pm. they were worn slap out and Mama was 
triumphant!!!! Actually Mama was worn slap out too but at least it 
was a quiet night with all of them sleeping well the whole night!!! 

I love evenings like that, this my friends is what it's all about when you're 
about seven years old and live in the sweltering South.... bring it
on summer of twenty ten, I'm ready!!!!!

btw, another way to alleviate boredom is to get them to 
was your SUV..... what child labor laws??????


Brian Miller said...

washing the car is an amazing much fun...esp when the hose slips and shoots someone...

Lisa Anne said...

We had thunderstorms here yesterday and it was freezing. What summer, last year this time it was 110 degrees, not its 62 tops. Where is the sun, not here. Please share yours.

Conny said...

Oh yeah! Summer IS all about swimming and being wet and having pruny hands! That was really nice of you to drive them too ~ my mom would've made us walk. Can't you just hear it now: four young girls, all wearing flip-flops, giggling all the way to the pool.

To be even more COOL make some popsicles at your house.

Have a great, long weekend. Cheers ~

Unknown said...

will they come wash my car next?!!?!

Anonymous said...

Nice new car - is it a Commander? I used to have one - very nice!!! Love the swim post - what fun! Call me when you're on Tybee if you get a window - but if it's too much of a quicky I understand - just promise to have fun!!!