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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer's Here... not where you are... but here!!!!

 Who's more afraid, her or the frog???? LOL.

Yep, it's here, beautiful weather, sunscreen, 'kini's (not for me of course), cold drinks
and lazy afternoons. Just a few snaps from poolside yesterday. These are the days 
we live for!  They found that little toad in the pool and rescued him, Ash was 
squealin' and squeakin' at me, "take a picture Mama, take a picture".
Too funny. 

This morning we're forming a plan of action for the summer. This year we'll have 
a schedule, a direction, a purpose. We have weekends away, day camps, visits with 
family and a hefty ole gas bill I'm sure. I'm determined not to let this summer pass me 
by without doing some of the things we always say we should do. Like tubing down 
the Itchetucnee River, visiting Tybee Island, spending a day at the zoo in Jacksonville
to name just a few.  

So... what you got planned for the summer?????


Barb said...

Summer almost made it here. Then Spring came back! Love the pics. If your girls are into overnight camps, I'd recommend Camp Cosby (a YMCA camp in eastern AL). My son went several years and looooved it. We are going to Canada next month. Then we'll be home. With lots of "I'm bored!" and "He (did this or that) to me!

Char said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tybee!!! I wanna go

rxBambi said...

you're only a (looooong) days drive from st louis....