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Monday, May 24, 2010

Memoir Monday's....

OK, I'm new to Memoir Mondays, but i have so many cheeky little memoirs I figured I join in. It's hard to know where to start!!!!!

This one time, at band camp! no not really but I was in the band and did go to band camp twice a year throughout high school... high school was six years in Scotland not the measly four that they do here in the States. Anyhoodles.... this memoir has nothing to do with band camp, I'm seriously ADDing!!!!

It is however, everything to do with Scotland, that bonny land where I grew up, or was raised or however you like to say it. We lived in the Wee Kingdom of Fife, just north of the Firth of Forth which is just north of Edinburgh. Now, Edinburgh, holds some fond memories for me, like the time I skipped school and went there on a train for the day with a local pot dealer, or the time I went there to stay with my eldest sister and we had hair cuts and bought some cute earrings. Or the time I went to see Return of the Jedi. See, oodles of fond mems.

This particular time was a complete doozie though... a day that is etched in my memory forever... a day that when I think about it, I can't help but smile to myself and damn near laugh out loud.  My mother, middle sister, best friend and I decided to hop on the train and take ourselves off to Edinburgh for a serious day of shopping.  Yes siree, when you live in a wee village such as ours you go to Edinburgh when you want to get something better than a dog turd to wear. So off we go, nonchalantly skipping onto the train headed directly to the big Smokey... as it's called (that could be Glasgow, my memory is a little hazy). We arrived safely at the station known as the Haymarket and disembarked to see throngs of people in the street right outside the station... Princes St.. one of the main streets in the city. (google earth it)
What's all the commotion?? why the heck is everyone crowding the streets??? did they know we were coming??? We all giggled and looked and tried to figure it out... then it became apparent... the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were in town... here they come.. in the black Rolls Royce, waving and smiling to the crowds. Oh how wonderful it was, as kids we didn't get a glimpse of them often but today we had elbowed our way to the front of the crowd and had a perfect view as the gently glided on by. What a treat!!!!  So as we stood there after they had passed waiting for the entourage to go by and the road to open up, we were all laughing and joking about how they must have visited for the day just to come and see us.  Then the traffic stopped at the red light where we were waiting to cross... there in the limo at the light was none other than KIRK DOUGLAS... now remember peeps we're talking about when I was fifteen so it was the mid eighties. Well that was it... it was on... my bff just started calling out to him in her lovely Scottish accent "Kirky Baby... take me with you!"  she was hiking up her skirt and calling to him... he was laughing and trying to not really look at her while she was making a total exhibition of herself.  It was totally hilarious!!!

The light changed and off he went chuckling to himself and of course we were in hysterics by now, we hadn't even gone anywhere and already our day was shaping up nicely.  We walked a good ways down Princes St and I honestly thought I was going to pee my pants I was laughing so much.  The day went on without too much more excitement, other then the giggling from events earlier in the day. I think we laughed all the way through lunch in well into the afternoon. By the time we'd moved to the far end of Princes St, there's a hotel there called The Caledonia, we were coming around the corner there and ran slap into a pile of people outside the front door.  We literally ran into them and one lady hit the ground, and guess who it was, none other than Linda Carter from Dynasty... the blonde one married to Blake Carrington.  So we were off again, laughing and whooping it up about all the stars we'd seen that day!!!!!

Apparently that weekend was a big charity event in Edinburgh called Night of a Thousand Stars... well it was definitely a big day for us!!! We laughed all the way home, that day will stick with me forever. It was just so random  and crazy for some girls from the Wee Kingdom of Fife.


Brian Miller said...

ha. what a when you ran into them you were "star struck" or you struck a star...smiles. yeah i think that would be one of those memories i would hang onto...

rxBambi said...

Awesome! And hey guess what, I've been to Edinburgh and shopped on Princes Street! And I've driven over the Firth of Forth! And I didn't know you grew up in Scotland! That's why we are BFFs! But I wouldn't have recognized Kirk Douglas. Michael Douglas, yes, not Kirk.

Sounds like a GREAT memory!

ModernMom said...

LOL It sounds like you went shopping on THE perfect day!!

Oh and there is nothign wrong with band camp:)