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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simple things are sometimes the most ingenious....

If you've been following me for any length of time.. thanks..then you 
probably know by now I"m getting to be quite a fan of CSN online shopping.
I have bought a good few things from there and have been completely and
utterly blown away by their customer service, the quality of the items I've
purchased and the speed in which they get them to me.
I think they know me personally and know that I can't wait another minute
for that fabulous bargain to get here! 

This time I'm on the hunt again for household items and whilst surfing, well 
lounging on a lounger at the beach browsing would more describe 
the activity I found these adjustable bar stools.
That's right.. they are adjustable! and if you're like me with a little
more around the thigh than I really need to be holding on to these would be 
perfect!! I love the modern lines too!! 
This is my favorite....
yes... you know why? Because it reminds me of a Margarita that's why!!!! 
So much fun!!!! 

now, hop on over there and check them out, tell them I sent you! 


Anonymous said...

If only margaritas really came in that size...

Doreen McGettigan said...

I could certainly use a margarita that size...
They are so cute though...

Liz said...

You can sneak that Margarita into my hospital room as soon as I pop out this little one;)