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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have you met my kids... Chalk and Cheese?

I am making some changes to my blog... I'm too lazy to start a new one and 
after making and deleting several others I decided to just stick with Inner Ramblings
and add a couple o' things. Hope it meets with your approval. 
And if not... oh well... sucks to be unappreciative you. 

Now then, raise your hand if you have kids... and raise the other hand if you have more
than one kid.  Raise your left foot if you have two of the same gender, and stick
your butt in the air if they are two or more girls!!!! 

I always thought mine would be similar, don't know why? Maybe because we made
them... you know... and they have the same genes etc. but oohhh no... my 
little ladies are different as night and day, black and white, chalk and cheese.

Here's the youngest.... full of fun and vigor, completely hilarious and off the 
wall. We don't know quite where this little live wire came from. 
Her likes are... being a goofball, barbies, webkinz and FB. 
She also has an eye for fashion and her shoes HAVE to match her outfit 
or we're in big trouble. 

and here is the oldest... more serious and deep than the younger sister
with a love of the Planet and all who naturally inhabit it. Just ask her about any 
insect, mammal or K9 and she'll baffle you with her knowledge and expertise. 
Don't be fooled though, this little lady also has a wicked sense 
of humor and inherited the ability to crack you up with one lifted eyebrow! 
I'm so proud.

These are the girls who inspired me originally to set out and start my own blog. I wanted 
to keep a record of the things they did and that made me laugh and share it with 
the world in turn making my readers smile. They never fail to deliver. 
This week they rented a game for the Wii, it's called Wii Party. 
There's a game on there where you test your likes and dislikes to see if you are
best friends or not... and guess what?? they cannot, no matter how hard they 
try or how much they cheat, win that game and make themselves be
compatible. It cracks me up because they just don't get it!!! 
Hey it keeps them amused though and gives me time to blog and take pictures! 
Whoop Whoop. 


Brian Miller said...

nice....cute little you got there...i like the make over...

Gwen said...

They are both adorable!!! My sister and I were night and day until we got older. Now we are still quite a bit different but with many of the same likes. We've been best friends for years too!!! Happy Valentine's Day!