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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Mama loves travelling...

Yep I have a long way to go....
Make yours @
Make yours @

This weeks Corner View is Blue... and although I'm stretching the theme a little
I like this. It's another great toy from BIGHUGELABS.COM.
You can click on all the places you have traveled and make your own personal map of 
the world. Fill in the blanks. 
I still have a long way to go but I think it's pretty cool for a wee lass from a village 
in Scotland who never expected to travel as much as I have. 

My kids love to travel too, it's in their blood I guess. 

So hopefully if we carry on we can make it a lot further although it's getting rather
dangerous out there so we may wait a while. 

Where have you gone? and what's your Corner View Blue?? 
Click on the other participants on the sidebar and enjoy Corner Views from all 
over the world. 


Brian Miller said...

i have actually worked a day in 28 different states, been to mexico and parts of south america...hoping to add europe next year...really want to go to africa but have a lot of convincing to do...

flowtops said...

Nice angle for this weeks CV!

I've been to ten to fifteen European countries, and to Japan. I'd really like to visit Canada sometime, but for now I am quite happy to travel in my head.

Francesca said...

I too love to travel, and that does look like a great toy! I'll try it!