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Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank You Alaska Hunting Dogs....

Oh Spammers what the hell is the point? I don't get it, can someone
explain to me why would you make ridiculous comments that make no sense?
What's it all about? 
What do they get out of it? Is there a whole nother universe I know nothing of?

This last one came from Alaska Hunting Dogs and said they liked my
"blogs" which are interesting and terrible. 
I guess they did make me laugh... out ... loud. 
is that the point? they are out to make the world a funnier place?

Moving on... I'm a busy, busy, busy lady this week and will be absent 
from blogging the rest of the week...'cept for a wee review I'm planning.
I'm working a huge fund raiser for the JSL that we do once a year
and the proceeds make up the bulk of what we can donate to 
the local children's charities. So it's all hands on deck and I like to call 
it Hell Week... however... at the end when we see what we have
come together and accomplished it's kinda like a big high!!! 
Almost like adrenalin junkies we are community service, do gooder, 
make the world a better place junkies. 

Trying to commit to a week of working on this project and keep the house 
running is not something for the fainthearted. Mens are stepping up to 
the plate to support us womens... and kids are waving goodbye to Mom at 
dinner time and staying awake for a goodnight kiss right before sleep.
It's a picture of suburban life all over America! 
A sisterhood of cackling hens getting out there and getting it done! 
Love it!!! 

There will be plenty to blog about later in the week, I'll share all the 
tittle tattle with you then I promise!! 
Big Hugs and wish me luck, I'm already exhausted and it's only been two days! 


Brian Miller said...

best wishes on the fund raiser...

how did alaskan snow dogs learn how to type anyway...

Coffeypot said...


Anonymous said...

Have a great week and I think your blog is interesting and terrible too ;)

Char said...

interesting and terrible? that's a head scratcher.

have fun with the planning