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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five things I've learned this week!!!!!

I could easily become a picker... like the guys on the History Channel. 
I think with my hot glue gun and a can of spray paint I can change the world.
There's so many old things out there just waiting to be loved again, 
just a little attention and imagination you can revive just about anything.

Hard work never hurt anyone, of course this isn't something that I only 
just learned this week. I did, however, learn that the older you are and the 
more out of shape you are the harder it is to work harder and it may 
indeed...actually hurt you. 
It makes sense, read it again. 

Sometimes things can happen when you open your mind and heart and
just trust that things will turn out, you don't have to be in control the 
whole time it's good to just let fate take it's course. 
I have always led a pretty impetuous life and it's been difficult to slow
down and contemplate things before diving off the deep end. 
I'm actually practicing patience and planning, putting off making certain 
moves until I see what hand fate is going to deal... it's very enlightening.

When you spend a week on a project that takes you out of the house
and keeps you busy your six year old will talk your HEAD off when
you finally sit down with her at the kitchen table. 
She will also get three straight faces in a row on her weekly
planner from school. Let's hope there's a return to the steady stream
of smiley faces next week, as well as a return to the lively conversation and 
fun I enjoy on a daily basis from this little spark plug. 

Remember this little beauty I was so proud of ... 
well I guess the hot glue failed me because it now looks like this! 

Normally that would piss me off but what the heck.. who cares. 
I'll just have to research better glue sticks or find something else
to adorn my mega wine glasses from the dollar store!! 

And that my friend concluded this week's lessons.. or at least some of them.
The rest are for my personal reflection only! 


Brian Miller said...

we went through a bout of straight faces this week as well...ugh.

Liz said...

Super Glue (said the way Superman might say "Superman")

Mrs. M said...

Oh no your pretty glass!! :( Darn that glue.