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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts....

It's been a while since I did this... a long long long while... 
yay.. back in the mix with the Random Shit.

Lets see, The Un-Mom is demanding we draw cartoons of our pets.. 
well can't oblige with that one and there's really nothing super hero about a couple of
lazy ass shih tzu's who have taken over the smaller couch and behave like potatoes. 
Little warm, furry, cute and adorable potatoes.

What if I won the lottery today? 
Would I give it all away and then wait patiently for it all to come back to me ten fold?
Would I squander it on sparkly purses and stripper shoes? fake boobs and a tattooed on all over tan?
Or just hop a plane to Cairo and declare myself the new HMFIC.
The possibilities are endless. 

I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around... it's my main philosophy in life. 
Example # 1 (don't be expecting a 2 there isn't one)
I had to make a trip to Minneapolis once, and it happened to be in February. It was very cold.
Now, eight years later I'm making another trip, in February, this time to Stone Mountain. 
See the similarity there? I bet your scratching your head saying things like ummm Stone Mountain
is in Atlanta. You get a little cold there occasionally but it's no Minneapolis. 
You're right... however... Stone Mountain has a new attraction called Snow Mountain. 
See... we have come full circle and eight years after going to Minni I'm experiencing snow once 
again but this time in Snow Mountain. Tentative as it is there's a goes around comes around in there.

Kid numero uno came home disappointed and sad yesterday after an exercise in freaking kindness
at school. Don't want to go into details, suffice to say I'm gonna kick some 4th grade asses first
opportunity I get. Then we'll see what's going and coming around. 
I wrote a pissy email to the teacher and I'm kinda regretting it a little now but what the hey.
Sometimes the Tiger Mom has to get on her platform and show these peeps who they're dealing with.
Nobody puts my baby in the corner... well no one did but I think you get the picture.. I will 
protect my young at all costs even if it means embarrassing the heck outta all involved and 
eating someone alive who happens to threaten my man cub... or girl cub. 

As Sandra Bullock put it... 

And that my friends about concludes my Random Tuesday Thoughts... for more on the subject 
check out the UnMom!!! Toodles. 



Brian Miller said...

i would so be buying stripper shoes...i have always wanted a pair...err...for my actually i would travel...a lot...

The Crazy Coxes said...

Hmmm...if I won the lottery. Good question!

I'm coming over there to help you with the bratty 4th graders. I hate stuff like that! Booooo!

Hope Tuesday is better than Monday!

Char said...

ugh - kids are so mean these days. i don't get it. and the parents that allow their children to be mean - even more that i can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

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Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

RAWR! I get the whole protect your young thing though. I would pay good money to see Brian in some stripper shoes though. One dollar bills if preferred. ;-)

Liz Mays said...

It's so true. Do not mess with our baby cubs. EVER!

Snow Mountain, GA. I'm gonna have to google that!

Stephanie said...

Nothing hurts more then when our babies hurt. Hope you and your babe are okay? 4th grade is so hard!