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Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts.....

Please check out Keely at the Un-Mom and see her Random Tuesday Thoughts... play along... it's fun... is everyone sitting comfortably....then I'll begin.....

I recently purchased a new vehicle... it's bigger and better than the last... I feel like a grown up! 
Why didn't I do this before? When your a Mom you should feel good about having plenty 
of room to ferry your little darlings around, right? It's for them, not me....they're the ones who need
leather seats, a driver 1 position and a walnut (fake of course) dash!!! 

Being a caterer to the family is not a responsibility that I want to burden myself with, the 
daily menu is just about the most difficult part of my existence. I'm finding myself 
wrestling, nay cagefighting,  with the thought of what's lurking at the Supermarket waiting
to strike you down with toxins the like we've never seen before!!! I watched 
as Dr. Sanjay Gupta walked thru the store pointing out that the only way to go 
is to eat organic produce, or peel the stuff that's non organic. OK, will do.

Child # 1, I've never called her that, is doing a horse camp this week thru the 
absolutely fabulous local YMCA. Day one and she's thrilled to bits to have 
walked in horse manure all morning. She then canoed for a while and got caught 
up in the lily pads, and she's totally ready to work there during her summer breaks 
while in college. Sounds like a plan. 

Child # 2 is not doing a camp this week, she's about to bust if I don't let her 
go see the movie Marmaduke. OK go on.... off you go... ya little movie buff. 
Tonight she thrilled audiences (me and child #1) with her impression of the Red 
Queen in Alice in Wonderland... I'm seriously going to record it and post 
it here for you all to enjoy!!! 

In about one year and ten months my dearest darling husband will turn 40. 
I'm already plotting his birthday surprise, I know right?  This is a game I love to 
play with him and I'm starting mighty early this time. 22 months early. 
He's already trying to guess what it could be and how big it is and does it come 
in different colors etc.  I love it, 22 months of teasing and sneaking and 
hinting and absolutely getting under his skin!!!! This never gets old. 

Child #1 and I just went to buy tennis shoes for horse camp at Wally World... 
found the perfect fit, then I said OK come on, lets get some socks and
dog treats and head home.... we looked at each other and said at the 
same time "that's random"... she's so my kid!!! 

So dear readers, that's as random as i get tonight, check out the other linkers and see
what's going on in their heads today!!!! 


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I love that your new vehicle is equipped with leather seats, a driver 1 position and a walnut dash...for the kids! ;)

I'm a little jealous of Child #1's horse week - wish we had a YMCA in our area that did stuff like that! Princess Nagger would be in seventh heaven! ;)

RTT: Stylin', Rats, Frogs and Princss Nagger

CaJoh said...

I love surprises. The problem is nobody I know likes them so I can't surprise them. And because they don't like surprises I never get surprised.

Perhaps you can run some interference and get him something simple to throw him off balance.

Thanks for your randomness,

Stacey said...

I love it when the kids start talking right along with you... :) It is so refreshing when they get the randomness of life!

Barb said...

New car, cool. I need one. But we've decided that my 3 year old minivan (or should I say trash can - not because it isn't nice. it's just full of trash and junk all the time!) should last us another 5 years. Oh, well.
Have a happy Tuesday!

McGillicutty said...

barb... let me tell you honey your three year old minivan is newer than my new car!!! lol. this is the first time i've bought a used vehicle (other than right out of school) so i'm feeling pretty proud of my thriftyness!!!

Erin said...

I am struggling w/ the food/organic stuff, too. I went vegetarian on Earth Day this year, and that's been hard enough (the rest of my fam is not vegetarian). I am also reading :Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Talk about a wake up call. omg.

I'm growing to loathe the grocery. I think mostly whole foods and farmer's markets from now on, which is hard, but....