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Saturday, June 26, 2010

OK I give in ... here's a list....

175/365 pin wheel , originally uploaded by McGillicutty1.

Some of the blogs I follow regularly have featured lists lately, it's a trend if you will. Well I love lists, and having not actually posted a list in like... forever... here is one that has been manifesting in my noggin all day.

The things I love about summer.... in no particular order.

Are you sitting comfortably? then I'll begin.

Gin & tonic, all sparkling and fresh in a lovely glass with lots of ice and a twist of lime. I particularly like the fizz that jumps up your nose as you take the first sip.

Water fights... either with the hose or buckets or sponges or whatever, lots of wet kids, giggles, screams and laughter. There's always been a place in my heart for water fights from a young age when my siblings would sneak up and get me with the hose.... it was always soooo cold!!!!!!

Pin wheels.... I guess it's not really solely a summer thing but i love pinwheels spinning in a breeze. The one we have on the patio is shiny and will reflect in the windows casting colors across the room. This coupled with the solar rainbow maker sent to us by my sister makes for an effect to rival the biggest disco ball in the world.. oh yeah we know how to rock the reflections!!!

Seasonal fruits and veggies... corn on the cob, strawberries, vine ripened tomatoes... stop the press. This naive chick didn't realize there were any other type of tomatoes until recently, I watched Food Inc. and that's a whole other post, but I did find out that most of what we eat from the produce dept on the grocery stores in the good Ole US of A are ripened using gases and force fed stuff to make them last longer and be available all year round... so it's strictly seasonal and home grown for me from now on.

Painted toenails are a big fav.. cute bright colors, cute sandals, 'nuff said.

Fireworks... yep next weekend, Independence Day celebrations equals, bbq, cold drinks, get togethers and fireworks. There is always a big display held in my town, we go and take blankets and folding chairs and enjoy the most wonderful spectacle since Disney. Then we come home and get togeth with some of the neighbors and set off our own pathetic little sparklers with the kids!!!

My lovely white JJill jeans. Comfort and style ... 'nuff said.

So, jump aboard peeps, tell me what makes your summer rock!!!!


Tracie said...

It seems like lists are all I can manage these days! I was thinking about doing a list of what I don't like about summer. LOL

Char said...

fresh veggies, especially corn and okra. sunflowers. children playing in the sprinklers. ice cold coke while sitting on the front porch. fireflies.

love your list!

spudballoo said...

Pin wheels? do you mean windmills? speak in foreign tongues my love.

well, i used to enjoy Pimms until that Surprise Second Child was conceived...

I love not having to put 24 layers on the kids before leaving the house.



The smell of cut grass.

Swifts nesting in our roof and the sheer joy of baby swifts zooming around the garden.

Baby bunnies EVERYWHERE. RIP dead bunnies on the road.



The smell of hot tarmac.

The dawn chorus.

Crappy summer pop music.


This Mom said...

I'm with you on the painted toenails. A sure sign of warmth and holidays.

Just found your blog, and I'm your newest follower!

Have a great week!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

Anonymous said...

I'm going for gin and tonic induced waterfights!!

Conny said...

Ooooh, G&Ts - I forgot how much I love those in summer! Thanks for the reminder. ;) You could take a picture of one and post it on the CV this week. C-ya then.