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Saturday, June 19, 2010

and it's a Green Randomonium....

So... the rotary clothes drier is going well, have probably already saved a
shit load of energy by drying our clothes outside, Syd, as you can see is all about
some air drying of the towels!!! 

We're watching Food Inc tonight, we broke to eat some disgusting antibiotic stuffed 
chicken and other processed garbage that will never cross our family dinner 
table again. 

I'm drinking some white wine in my Happy Birthday wine glass tonight... 
it makes me happy, however, hubs pointed out that the grapes have probably been 
reared in darkened barnes and fed CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm off to the wine store to pick up some organic wines.

Syd is doing math problems at the table while I type... um... yeah... 
we're on summer hols.. she says it's just for fun... ???????
Who's child is she????????

Since my last post, where husband was in the dog house, he has done 
dishes, pretended to make an effort to mow the grass, called me numerous
times to profess his adoration, and done a shit load of laundry.
Things are now running smoothly in the McGilli household. 
I'm glad, I don't like fussin'.

I heard a story from a lady this week that almost made me pee my pants.
This is a lady who has lived here all her life and knows everyone, she was driving
home late one night after working a ridiculously long day (at a florist on valentines day)
and was stopped by a cop. She recognized the young cop and proceeded to ask 
him if he knew what time it was? then told him she was going to tell his Daddy 
that he stopped her, then asked him if she could go 'cos she had to get up 
early and deliver the flowers he'd ordered earlier in the day!!! 
He let her go without another word.... 
Now that's the kind of woman I want to be!!!! 


blueviolet said...

Now I feel bad! I have a clothesline I never use!

Brian Miller said...

ha. now how come that does not work on the cops with me...

cool that you are line drying the clothes...

and sounds like hubby is doing good as well...smiles.

Char said...

i love air dried towels for some reason. glad things are better and back on track.

happy birthday!?!

Stacey said...

OOOH! I aspire to be that lady... The one who talks kinda fast and interrupts when she doesn't like the content of your conversation and leaves folks standing there wondering "WTHeck just happened here? And did she just insult me... But in a very nice way???" I wanna be that chick! So jealous you have a role model right there!

Barb said...

I've tried air drying the laundry. but we live in too snooty a neighborhood to do it outside, so it has to be in the garage. not as nice as in the sunshine!