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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

unusually late for me!

His gorgeousness is not around... sooo.. guess what? I'm indulging in some late night blogging.... hahaha... I'm catching up on all the good stuff I've been missing lately. Did you know that Spud has a huge book collection? or that Otin drives a minivan... yes you heard me right? Stacey is feeling hopeful over at Brown's Zoo and there are so many more lovely blogs to peek in at and see what everyone is up to. 

I've been blog lazy lately, trying to catch up on real life stuff and just dropping the occasional post into my own blog and taking some pretty crappy pictures to boot. Can't quite put my finger on the reason for all this lackadaisical behavior other than it's damn hot outside and it's hard to really do anything with all that heat and humidity going on. I can't get up the enthusiasm to head out with my camera, I would love to just have a cool day, some alone time and a little map in my head of where I can head out to get some interesting shots. I need time to think. To clear my head. To just be!!! 

I have been noticing lately that there are a huge amount of women out there starting up their own photography businesses. I don't know if they were always doing it and I just didn't pay attention, or if with today's easily accessible technology it's possible for anyone with a forefinger to start a photography business. Maybe I'm a little jealous because I would love to do something I love for a living; it's a desire to get out of bed and do something different every day, answer to myself. Is there even a smidge of a chance that I would even be good enough? Could I possibly write for a living? Would anyone want to read what it is that I'm banging on about? These are just pipe dreams but should I one day be motivated enough to do something about my dreams you can say that you knew me when.  It's always cool to be the one who liked something from the beginning... like when I used to love REM before anyone in the UK had really heard of them. I digress. I guess my point is that I love to combine the elements of reading, writing, photography and learning and indulge by way of blogging. If only I could be paid an enormous amount of money for doing this.....sigh.

Knowing my luck after all this late night indulgence online I'll be dog tired in the morning and oversleep, remember, I am NOT a morning person... nope... not one bit. I'm gonna leave you with a couple o' pics.... enjoy... and get to bed, it's late!! nite nite. 

p.s. little quote from Ash this morning... 
"today is the day that I will eat dinner wearing a blindfold"


Brian Miller said...

haha. eat dinner wearing a there a reason?

nice pics...maybe one day you will get to do what you want to do...

tori said...

I do the same daydreaming about being a writer someday...but yet I don't get my butt in gear and write! what's up with that? Fear of failure? Laziness? Don't want to mess with the dream?....hmmm.

I think you have plenty of talent to do the photography thing! for sure!

got the pic from Sydney the other day...she is beautiful and I love her dress! I bet it was fun dressing up like that! I'd love to hear how it all went (did I miss a post about it?)

have a good one!

ModernMom said...

I for one am a huge fan of your writing and your photography! Doesn't hurt to dream!

Oh and eating dinner with a blindfold...sounds like a great birthday party game:)

Barb said...

I love the idea of eating with a blindfold. But I'm sure my kids wouldn't trust me not to sneak vegetables in! If it makes a difference, I love your blog. :)

my word verification is "deram", just rearrange the letters and you have "dream".

Char said...

here's what i think....LOL as you get to know me, you will find i always have a "think" :)

if you want something - write it down in a dream journal and work to manifest it. it may not happen tomorrow, next month or even next year...but it will manifest.

photography businesses are fairly cheap at first. i need to decide if i really want one are just enjoy where i am - taking some money but not overextending because i have to support myself with a full-time job.

otin said...

You had to put the minivan thing in there, huh? lol

This oppressive heat will make anything seem like it is exhausting and demotivate a person. Cooler days will help!

The Bumbles said...

Ah - you're just preoccupied with dreams on hot summer days. Enjoy them for what they are and leave the bloggy guilt behind.

I think we should open a blog shop together. Teach people in the real world what all of this blogosphere stuff is all about since no one I ever meet in real life seems to understand what the heck I do or why!!!

beth said...

i agree with char !
and i could shoot full time, but if it ever starts to feel like a job, i know i'll come to hate it or quit, so i don't advertise and get my shoots from word of mouth...and the best way to start is LOTS of free shoots....i still some of those myself....and they are usually my favorite !