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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Miss Bossy Boots!

Well bloggers the time has finally arrived for Syd to take part in her second ever pageant. Don't get all stressed out, we're not toddlers in tiara's type peeps and I am certainly not cut out to be a pageant mama.

I can barely get myself half way presentable for special occasions never mind do the hair and make up of my eldest (almost tomboyish) daughter. The reason for taking part in this particular pageant is to honor the memory of Syd's Grandpa, I have blogged about this before if you care to go back and check... if not no worries. Just know that she is a very strong, very resiliant and loving girl. She wants to raise money for the American Cancer Society and let people know that it's a very worthy cause, we can all do something to help research and stamp out this most horrible of diseases.

There's a special something for all you fantasitcally generous souls out there who have already sent your donation. We were totally and utterly floored by your generosity and caring... thank you.. really a million times.. thank you. And by the way if your check hasn't cleared yet, it probably will soon, I remember mine didn't clear until after the event last year.. and this year the pageant was delayed by three months!!! Although those three months seem to have flown by, I do appreciate the extra time, time enough for us to find the perfect dress and really gear up to a good day of raising money for the ACS in the name of our dearly beloved Grandpa. We often share our memories of him, he was adored by my girls. I know he has to be so proud of Syd and what she's doing, I truly hope he's watching over her and can see what a beautiful girl she's growing into.

The dress.... I know you're dying to see it... you'll have to wait until after Saturday for the reveal... it was lent to us by two very special ladies indeed and has already been seen at the Relay for Life Pageant once before. It belonged to an extrememly brave and beautiful girl named Savannah. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in second or third grade, two days after I first met her and her mother. We had our first meeting at the place where I worked and we immediately hit it off, I knew we were probably going to be friends. Then I heard the dreadful news of the diagnosis and remember feeling completely overwhelmed and sad, for Savannah, for her Mother and the whole family. Well, I'm happy to say that after a huge amount of treatment and surgery, Savannah is doing great and she's a very happy and loving little girl. Savannah was given a Hero award two years ago at the very first Relay for Life Pageant held here in our town, and this is the dress she wore, so we feel very privilidged to be able to wear it this year. Oh and Savannah's mother... she was Ash's kindergarten teacher this past year and was a total joy.... we were thrilled!!! Let's hope the dress brings Syd a lot of luck!!!!

I hope you'll agree she cleans up pretty well.... and please, if you think of it, drop a dollar into a Relay for Life collection tin somewhere this weekend... they're everywhere.... a little prayer for Syd wouldn't go amiss either!!! xxx 
Oh and if you're wondering about the title... it's in honor of how she immediately thinks I'm her lady in waiting when she's all dressed up like a Princess!
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Brian Miller said...

aw. she is beautiful and i hope she does well...or at least has a lot of fun...

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the whole gown... Way to go, 'Gilly!

Anonymous said...

She looks lovely :0)

rxBambi said...

I can't wait to see it either.

good luck Syd!

Keely said...

She's beautiful and it's a better cause than most people do pageants for! Good on her!