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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kids say the darndest things....

So.. last night us gals were sitting at the kitchen table, I was merrily pinning away on Pinterest while Syd was busy doing three hours of social studies homework (which wasn't even required)(urgh!!) and Ash proudly announced she was about to draw a .... banana hammock. I know!!!!!

After a burst of hysterical laughter (banana hammocks always crack me up) I couldn't get her to tell me where she'd even heard of such a thing and of course she didn't know what a banana hammock is! What do you do in this predicament... dial the grandmother of course and give her the pleasure of explaining such a thing to this 7 yr old clown!  Once she knew what it was she was in fits of giggles and that was the end of that.. she did scribble a little something on the paper but it didn't in any way resemble David Beckham in his BH. Bwaahaha.

Then this morning I was sporting a particularly old but fugly functional Ralph Lauren sweatshirt... it was cold alright... and Syd looked at it with a face akin to a bulldog chewing a wasp and said "Thaaat's Ralph Lauren??? I thought RL was supposed to be.. you know... like.... um..... yeah".
Me... "yeah, it's RL and I'll have you know I bought this in Texas before you were born". .... Syd...."Wow and it still fits???"  

Seriously... I just had that conversation with my kid... it happened.  I am no longer the mother of little kids... I'm in the "I have to justify my clothes selection to a tweener" stage. Oh Lord... I should probably rethink the Forever Lazy I have on my Christmas wish list.

Here she is helping this chick through an awkward feather decision. 


Ducky said...

WOW! I don't think my mom would've offered a description. She probably would've made something up that further scarred my child! *snort* Too much fun!

Brian Miller said...

oh my...two very fun provoke the most amazing ones

Sheri said...

Banana Hammocks always cause major laughter here too! She is so funny, well except for the "that still fits" part. Ok, that was funny too!

beth said... matter their age....really do say and ask some of the funniest things :)

jane said...

welcome to the club sister! :)
hope all is well!
big hugs!