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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Conundrum.... here's the deal...

First off I love love love the word conundrum... have been using it for years.. it perfectly fits any kind of situation that makes you go Hmmmm.

Second off... my friend Misty has a new blog... yes.. and she used the word in the title of the blog and it makes me smile....

Third and final off... ITS AWESOME!!!!  I constantly battle with the "what to do for dinner" thing and it gets on my last nerve. I have checked out a million different crock sites and I'm always left confused and overwhelmed. Too many recipes at once get me all crazy and googly eyed.  Misty is going to do one a day (five days a week) and post about it so it's way easier to follow than a gazzilion recipes all thrown at you all together like a pot of boiling spaghetti on your head. Already she's come up with an amazingly simple way to keep your recipes organized and make a weekly menu.... love it!!!

So ... if you're looking for some simple inspiration and you want to get out of the drive thru, head over and check out the Crock Pot Conundrum and tell her I sent you!!! You're welcome!!!

no idea why I'm adding this pic... it just sums up happy stuff... even if it is all blurry and grainy.... :)

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Sheri said...

I have to go check out Misty's new site. Love that picture too, says it all! :)