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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm crawling out of my hole...

So, hello how are you?  I have been in a black hole of sheer concentration these past few days and decided to take a little blog break tonight as I have a spare couple of mins to knock one out. 

This has been a weird week, trying to get into the swing of a whole new way of life for the family, but, despite the weirdness it's going very well. I'm trying to be more structured with the kids and their school work, taking every evening to purposely study and read, taking a more active roll in checking their scores on the study portal that kind of thing. Poor Ash... she has a reading goal to hit of 15 points.. each book is assigned a point value and she has to take a test on every book she reads and will be assigned a proportion of that point value depending on her success on the test. If she has a book worth 1 point and scores 100% on the test she gets 1 point.. get it? Well she's been reading a LOT of books with point values of 0.5 and she had no idea what that actually means in terms of how many books she has to read and test on to reach her goal. When I explained it to her, and pointed out that we're already half way through the 9 weeks she has to reach her goal she was devastated!!! I felt awful... I didn't want to make her upset, merely point out that if she read books with a higher point value she'd achieve her goal quicker. I know she'll reach her goal, she always does, she's a very good reader; I am just ridiculously competitive at times and always figuring out how to reach goals quickly. Urgh... I could kick myself in the ass sometimes!!!! Anyhooo she calmed down and tonight when she came home from school she was happy to announce that she has a chapter book worth 2 points! Smiles.

I'm really trying to stop with the pushy stuff.... really I am. I have to remember that in the grand scheme of things as long as they're not failing their classes and they are happy then it's all good. I want them to be kids first and foremost... so I was positively giddy when they were playing out front with their friends and Ash ran into the house screaming that someone threw a ball and it hit her nuts and knocked them down!!! Hmmm yeah that goes on the list of things you'd never thought you'd be hearing from your daughter. 

So.. that's it for now... plenty for me to be doing with this little bit of free time.. like sit my ass on the couch and watch How It's Made with the spousey.  Toodle Pip!!!! 

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Alexa said...

Accelerated Reader?! Oh, how I hated that growing up!