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Friday, December 9, 2011

Quick Blog break....

I have been hard at it and hardly had a chance to look at anything much online lately... I'm missing my fix!  So just a quick update for those of you who still bother to check up on me and see what I'm up to.... don't blame you if you skulked off and in disgust as the posts have been nothing but Crap lately!!!

So... first things first... I am totally focused and involved with all things career oriented right now which explains my absence from the blogging world. This is a new thing for me as I like to strike a good balance as a rule, but my current undertaking demands discipline and commitment... I know, two things I really don't have a ton of but I'm working on it!! It so damn hard though, I'm going to succeed and when I do I can then breathe a sigh of relief, until that time I'm all tense and focused and scary.

The photography stuff has really taken a back seat, going for well over a week sometimes between picking up my camera even for just a quicky... sigh.  I need a refresher course I think...   I did take a quick pic today of my lunch... it's thrilling around here people... I made a chicken avocado salad that I found on Pinterest and OMG is the most fabulous thing ever to have crossed my lips... DELISH!!! Seriously.. praise be to the person who first discovered the delight that is cilantro. I could eat it in, on and around everything. I bet it would even be good in a bowl of oatmeal. YUM!!!

Just grab some cooked chicken, an avocado, couple o' green onions, cilantro, mayo and lime juice. I didn't have the measurements either... wing it.. you can't go wrong. Mix it all up and serve with crackers or whatever you like with your salad... It would be marvelous with a crisp, cold, white wine but it's a little early for that today.. have to pick up the kids and don't want to start an international incident in the line up! Go check out the blog I found this on HERE.

Here's another little thing I did with an idea from Pinterest.... I didn't Pin it correctly and so now I'm not able to give credit to the lovely lady who provided me with the idea... sorry!!!

So cute, quick and very easy!!!! of course I only do the easy stuff!!!!

Anyway, just a quick one.. still a million things I have to do around here today, no time to be wittering away on Blogger. I promised myself a little break before I get back to it.... urgh.... I am not really sure how long I can keep up with this pace but lets hope it's long enough to accomplish my goals!  I'll be back to bore you all to death again soon... until then au revoir!!!


Liz said...

Girl, I know what you mean about striking a balance. I have neglected blogging too! I have graduated now though and I am back on it. The dish looks delicious!! And don't you just love Pinterest! I swear it is soooo very addictive!

Stephanie said...

Oh you are such a busy girl! It really is so hard to find that balance... I wish you tons of luck with that AND I will keep checking in on you:)

Stephanie said...

Just stopping by to say I'm thinking about you. Hope you are enjoying your blogy break:)