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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seriously... you wake up and they're gone...

Last night I received a heartfelt plea via text from my sister in law begging that I blog, blog ever day and don't let it slide. She keeps up with our family doings this way and although I am completely overwhelmed with all my responsibilities and commitments at this time I feel that blogging is also a commitment... one to myself which keeps me sane and one to the peeps who are far away and can check in and see what we're up to. That's what you do when you don't live next door to family.. you splash your goings on over the world wide web and it saves a bagillion phone calls explaining our ups and downs to everyone individually. 

It's like our very own town crier with me doing the crying... hear ye, hear ye, the maiden Ashley finally had her damn front tooth pulled by the orthodentist, he declared it was time to get that sucker out of there. The man's damsels in attendance all squealed in shock at the x-rays showing that Maiden Ashley is most definitely in for years of expensive ortho work thus sending her distressed parents to the poor house. Maiden Sydney is finally almost done with her first session of corrective braces and her parents are to be reprieved for a short while until stage two.  Note to self... maybe I should be an orthodentist in my next life; or marry a man without a genetic predisposition to huge horse teeth. 

In other news. I have finally started training for my new career... yes career... not just a job. That's all I'm going to say about it because I will not blog about work. No I won't. 

I can say however that I am not travelling 33 miles each way to work anymore and even after the first day I can feel the benefits of working from/close to home. I love it!!!! love love love it. I do have a lot to accomplish every day and must stay on task but other than that I am not wasting almost two precious hours in my truck stressing over what a waste of time it is to commute. TOTAL waste of time. Nothing productive can be done while driving... nothing... other than listening to Martha Stewart radio but even then I can't jot down the tips and recipes... and because I'm driving for two hours I can't find time to visit her website to find said tips and recipes.. frustrating. So now I have all those lovely hours back... oooohhhh they're all mine!!!!! 
Ten freakin' hours a week... back to me.. boom just like that!!! I am doing that Irish heel kick thingy right now... really I am... bbwwaaahahahahahaaaa.

And finally... we cleaned out the little ladies rooms this weekend... I say little ladies but honestly if you'd have seen what was under their beds they'd be better described as little animals... filthy little hoarders! 
Here's how we did it... Ash was out playing at a friends house, so I made Syd crawl under Ashley's bed and bring out the dead stuff. Then on the next day it was Ashley's turn to crawl under Syd's bed and bring out her crap. Worked well. Very thorough and nothing was left behind, see, because the person under the bed was not on a mission to cover up the disgustingness... only to expose the other sister's evil ways. Not a speck was left behind. We recovered literally a bazillion socks (oddly none of them matched) and a lunch box from way back when; all disgusting and mold infested... which explained the smell of late. My mother in law is reading this and her toes are curling up right now!!! LOL!!!!! Sorry Nanny,  your granddaughters are dirty little creeps and that's the awful truth... you want to have them stay with you for a while so you can train them??? fine with me, they're on their way!!! 

Anyhoodles.. gotta go ..... commute to the other side of the dining room table and open up my work laptop and put a on my professional head. Kim my darling.. we love you and I promise to be a better blogger just because you asked and it made me feel wanted!!xxxxx 

The love of my life... contemplating how sad his life would be if he didn't have me by his side... taking pictures of him... 

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