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Friday, September 30, 2011

Schools out....

So... Fall break already!!! Can you believe it. Where in the world has the time gone??? I literally feel like the kids just went back after summer and now they're out again for a whole ten days. My head is spinning at how quickly time is flying past me... leaving me wondering what the hell is going on. 

Look at that pencil go!!!!!!! 
I wish we had somewhere to go during this break but unfortunately we're still working
stiffs and the girls will go to the YMCA instead of a trip to the mountains... sigh. 
Trying not to dwell on it, regrets and coveting the fortunes of others are something I really need
to work on . In my next life I want to be a teacher.. or a trust fund baby or something. 
On the bright side, it is FALL!! It's still hot here but the 'idiot not to be trusted" on the radio
just said we're in for a cold front.... yay... 80 degrees instead of 95.
I'm starting to feel like spending a little more time in the kitchen, I love love love
pumpkin recipes so this is the time of year I make pies and pancakes and everything that 
smells so good, spicey and homey... yum!!! 
Don't get me wrong I'm no Suzie homemaker but I have a darn good stab at it for ... 
umm... about three weeks in October!!  a girl can try!!! 

What are your plans for October? by far the most delicious month in the year!!! 


Barb said...

Fall is always my favorite season. But we don't get a fall break here. They do have several days off here and there, though. Glad to hear you are cooling off!

Brian Miller said...

nice...enjoy the break of going nowhere...supposed to be in the 60s here this weekend...