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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Men behaving badly....

OK I am pissed.... pissed that I haven't had a chance to download the new Texture Bundle II from Kim Klassen, let alone use it!! I want you to go check out her site and see what goodies she has to offer in the way of Textures, Kim was the first person to introduce me to the world of textures and I loved her Skinny Mini classes. By the way she hasn't asked me to toot her horn or anything... I just want to share the lurve!!!

Today is Texture Tuesday and I don't have anything to add because I have been gallivanting around South Florida with the family and didn't pick up my laptop one single time I was there. I purchased the bundle on Friday and still haven't downloaded it yet... slacker!!! I did take some pictures but honestly I probably will never even share any of them because I just wasn't in the mood. I was so damn hot!!!! You can't really cart around the big girl camera in that heat (not to mention the fact I'm afraid I'll drop it in a swamp or something!) and the little camera died on me... wtf... it just died with no indication of a pre-existing condition. This being so I realized I need to get the D60 fixed and use that to take some good family fun shots without the hassle/worry of the big camera or the unreliability of the little girl camera. So complicated!!! It's been almost a year since the demise of the D60 so it's time I got my act together and get it seen to... again with the slackerness.

So, yes, there we were out in a State Park and they had a little cafe/gift shop thing where you can actually buy a beer... in a State Park... I know!!!! We decided to take the air boat ride which I was a little disappointed in because it was a huge air boat, not a little thing that would speed across the lake, top speed was probably what... 3 miles a YEAR!!!! So.. when purchasing the tickets the helpful chap at the kiosk lets us know it's thirty minutes to launch and we're welcome to take snacks and beverages on board with us which can be purchased upstairs in the snack and beverage department. I send hubs and father in law in search of such... they come back with four deliciously cold and yummy beers... only to be told we can't take them on the damn air tug boat!!

So we're trying to chug them when we're herded down the ramp onto the boat, I still have my beer because I'm a lady and can't chug it like my sister-in-law did in three seconds flat. The she-man at the end of the ramp tells me to get rid or go back up the ramp and drink it before boarding the boat... yeah... how the hell you gonna get a rotund chick like me back up that single file ramp when everyone else is heading down it???? My only option was to get rid; she ceremoniously dumped my delish beer into the lake rendering all the wildlife totally useless for the next three hours. Bitch. I pointed out that they may want to tell the helpful chappy at the kiosk to let peeps know there's a 'no beer on the boat' rule... which is a stupid rule if you ask me... who the hell goes on a boat WITHOUT beer...anyone???? no didn't think so. She then proceeded to list all the places where they had a damn sign.. I just walked off but she kept on talking... there's a sign here.. and there's one there... and if you had looked there's one on the wall there and blah blah blah... By this time I just wanted to take a sign and shove it down her throat!!!! URGH!!

The boat ride kinda sucked... it would have been better with a nice cold beer... but hey... you don't know until you try right. As we were leaving we saw a chalkboard sign which read "Please.. no alcohol beyond this point"... I died laughing as my dear father-in-law just happened to casually erase the word "no". Funny stuff !

Sorry Florida State Parks.... we promise to behave next time!!!


Brian Miller said...

haha...poor inebriated fish...smiles.

Sheri said...

Thanks for the laughs!