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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

For the love of all that is SANE.. can we just go back to do things in the 
old way.... can we stop with the back linking and suggestions and the finishing
of words and sentences???

I don't really give a flying rats ass about the new layout of FB, it's just a little 
distraction in my day and it's not enough to throw me into a frenzy. 
Which in itself is shocking because the teeniest thing will throw me into a frenzy
as you know.. if you're a regular here.. are you?

What I do care about is all the effin' thinking for me that not only FB is trying to 
do but actually Google and all sorts of other sites are doing. 
I use Gmail... I love it... but today I noticed (and it's probably been there for  a
long time but I just noticed today) that when I sent an email there was a little 
"suggestion" as to who else I'd like to include in the email. 
Excuse me but I know who I want to send the damn email to and I don't need 
interference from the stupid program... what are you my Mother???

Yesterday I wanted to send a FB message to a friend who is a tad older than me and is 
a very respected kind of mentor figure. She lives close by and I adore her, she's 
such an inspiration to me when I need guidance.. PS.. everyone should have a mentor.
Anyautolink... I wanted to include the name of my company and do you think 
FB would let me do it without trying to link it to other friends I have on FB... 
other not quite as "mature" people who I knew in years gone by but still stay in touch 
with but don't necessarily want linked into my conversations.
 Google+ has the right idea.. you don't want certain friends seeing certain stuff you
 would gladly share with other certain friends. 
I don't even know if respectable mentor lady would even see these links or not?
Urgh... too much pressure. Just go back to the good old days of adding the 
little @ if you want to link someone into your messages. 
We are adults, we know who we want to link to and who we want to send 
emails to thank you very much!  Just leave us be, give us the toys and then step 
back and let us decide how we want to play with them, it's what every good 
parent should do!!! 
I'm ready to go back to good old pen and paper.. you???


Brian Miller said...

so, you feel better now? smiles. yeah, i got rid of FB first of the year...too much big brother feel...

Sheri said...

I am not there yet but close. I feel like I am being monitored with every move, like I don't know what the heck I want to do and need someone to make sure!

Barb said...

Hmm. I wonder if I should get rid of FB too? Some of my friends already have. Anyway, as long as you blog, it's all good!