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Friday, September 16, 2011

Grandparents Day....

So.. this week at school included the much anticipated Grandparents day for both my kids, you know.... Grandparents Day.... remember that well known day set aside to honor and acknowledge our Grands... you don't??? me neither.

We never had a special day set aside for the parents of our parents when I was growing up, no special songs or poems, no dedicated mornings with refreshments and little objet d'art.... not a damn thing! As much as we love those of the previous generation who offer attention and gifts to our kids I'm not entirely sure we need a day at school dedicated to the demonstration of such love. Oh.... but wait... of course.. there are those kids who don't have parents and miss out on that other special day... wait.. what special day? They make us little mother's day cards and father's day cards which honestly they don't really have to... but a day when we get to go to school and be honored for being the fools responsible for these crazy ass kids being in the world... nope don't remember getting that invitation.

So back to Grandparents day... we don't have any Grands in the vicinity therefore it's up to one of us parents to beg for a couple of hours off so that our kids don't feel all sad and alone on this special day which they have prepared for during the course of the SIX weeks prior!!! This year it was Dad's turn, apparently Ash remembered it as being we had both gone in prior years but I really don't think we could have... anyway she had a meltdown the morning of because she wanted us both there because it's not fair she doesn't have Grands around... totally my fault for that one...and don't I know it. She settled down and apparently once Dad got there and watched them sing a couple of songs all was well again. The performance was lovely and when they were done the assistant principle said a few words and invited all the grandparents to spend some time with their little darlings and go visit the Book Fair which just happened to be going on at that time in the Library.... Ahhhh I see.... get the Grands all huddled in one place, soften them up with some darling songs in their honor and then herd them and their wallets to the damn book fair!!!

Such a cunning plan, the brainchild of a mastermind no doubt... who in their right mind is going to refuse to buy a child a book while they are in the school... in the library... under the scrutiny of the librarian who just oozes with importance of reading at an early age.  No one.. that's who!!!  It's called Grandparentgate... favors for books.... songs for literacy..... we will herd the old peeps in there and close the door.. no one escapes until the bookshelves are bare.

Hubs was quite frankly beat down by the time he escaped....but he did have a brilliant idea... why not send a note home something to this effect... OK folks, we're having a book fair, you don't have to come, just send us five bucks and we'll call it good. The school gets their cash and the families get left alone to go about their daily lives without all the brew ha ha and the kids can go about the business of learning to read and write and rithmetic.... see what a good life it would be.

This article has been brought to you by the Coalition for Realism and the Campaign for Life Ain't a Bowl of Freakin' Cherries People.

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Brian Miller said...

oh not cool on the book fair grands day...def a marketing scam...can i have some cherries...