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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chicken... no head....

Running around like a chicken with no head this morning!!! 
Three different birthday parties to get the kids to, a little photo shoot of a fund
raiser for a cancer charity and chaperoning one of the birthday "parties" which
is herding a bunch of wild tween girls around the mall and a pizza place! 

Not to mention trying to get some picture orders in and make some well overdue
phone calls and return library books.. also overdue..... I have a little headache brewing. 

With five minutes to spare before Ash gets picked up for the pool party she can't 
find the sunscreen... fits of hysteria.....I assure her that the friends picking her up 
are bound have some but she continues to whine in her oh so aggravating way until 
I'm about to SNAP!! The friend turns up and thankfully has sunscreen but no
towels... guess who did all the laundry this morning.. phew.. I am happy to let them
use my freshly laundered nice smelling towels. That NEVER happens!!! 

Now a ten minute peaceful interlude while Ash is gone, Syd is with Daddy at a 
neighbors house borrowing a pressure washer (he blew the motor in ours this morning!)
and I can decompress before the next session of chaos with the tweens at the Mall.

I swear.... weekends are getting more and more hectic around here. I seem to recall 
there was a time when they would play quietly and take naps in the afternoon, I could potter
around and do little projects here and there and life was charmed. Not so now!!! 
Would I change it... sometimes yes.. but mostly no... my blessings are 
well and truly counted! 


Brian Miller said...

ok, take a deep breath....

those are lovely pics...

and soccer season started here so at games this AM, then home to breathe myself...

beth said...

i remember those days vividly....and honestly, i don't miss them one bit.

once the kids started driving...oh what a blessing that was. and now that they're almost 20 and 23...well i've had my head connected for quite some time now :)

it will get easier...but you have years ahead of being that headless chicken....but it's all worth it. every single minute of it !!


missing moments said...

Oh, I remember those days and so enjoying these days now ... kids all grown up and out! My days are mine again!

ModernMom said...

I remember those weekends! Beofre birthday parites, and work commitments and the dreaded homework. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I try to remind myself that in a few short years my nest will be empty and too too quiet:)
Enjoy !!