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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Before n After... bits n bobs...

We had a massive thunder storm yesterday, but as luck would have it the 
spouse and I had completed our scheduled morning of working in the yard and 
trying to salvage what we have out there. 
I know we both hate yard work because we bitch at each other the whole 
time we're out there. It's a given, day out in the hot sun working the land and
you'd think we were mortal enemies battling it out for plot domination. 
We never work real well together to be honest, now playing that's another
thing, we really enjoy doing fun things together. 
Maybe we should split up the chores and do them separately, teamwork is 
for the Angry Birds when it comes to this blessed Union.

Ash was frightened by the storm when she was out there trying to film the storm 
for Sydney (which was a moot point anyway because Syd was only a mile away experiencing
the same storm at a friends house) you can see the hilarious video on 
my FB page. Yes have you liked me yet? Go on....
I am going to send it to AFV... if I can ever get that upload thing to work! Urgh! 

Anyway, in between yard work and storms and power outages I managed to find 
time to create an ad on FB for my photography site, now worried about the cost 
of this as they make it kinda hokey. Still, I did get nine more likes by this morning! 
I also discovered a new awesome website for Photoshop addicts and enthusiastic
dabblers like moi.... Paint the Moon...check it out. I did this one this morning
in about five seconds flat... yay!! 

So lovely peeps... go have fun in the real world and I'll be talking atchya later. 
Time to head to the mall with my fashionistas.. wish me luck. 


Brian Miller said...

headed tot he mall...should i start praying for your husband now? smiles. great highlights to the pic..

Barb said...

Luckily, I have boys. I never really liked going to the mall so any daughters I'd have had would have totally missed out!

McGillicutty said...

I don't go very often, it kinda overwhelms me...especially with the kids in tow... pray for me!!!!

Unknown said...

Loved the vision of you guys out there bickering on the yard work! My hubby just tells me "I'll give you exactly one hour of my time" Gahh!
Anyway, I'm now your 50th FB like.

Liz said...

She is soooo beautiful!!!