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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trinkets.... i love trinkets!

I guess I may just have a future as a product photographer if all else fails. What I was actually trying to do here was play with the f-stop on each of my lenses. I don't have anything that will go less than f4...sigh... time to get a new lens methinks. It's always time to get a new something... used to be shoes or hangbags now it's lenses and camera bags... Kelly Moore I'm looking at you... one of these days I will win her giveaway!!!

If you like the bracelet, it's from Premier Jewelry and I won it at a party I went to a long time ago .... not a Kelly Moore bag I grant you but it's pretty and I love wearing it.

The other thing I messed with today was the party bouncer.... no not a big burly guy checking names at the door.... just a little business card folded around the pop up flash on my camera to diffuse the light. A trick to remember in a pinch when you want to take impromtu pics of friends and family in bad light. I'm actually super pleased with this trick because I often avoid using the big girl camera when we're inside or on occasions like Christmas etc because they look so "snapshotty" with a full flash, this way the bouncer will diffuse the light (pretty) evenly and create a better ambient light and give you something to work with.

This was taken in a very low light room with no lights on and the blinds closed and no editing.....

et voila....not a fabulous example but you get the picture.. do try this at home! 

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Brian Miller said... the colors in the bracelet...

ModernMom said...

I will try that at home! I have a bouncer and don't have a clue how to use it! (hangs head in shame)

Anonymous said...

lovely trinkets :)

Daffy said...

The bracelet is awesome! I love the colors and of course the way you've collaged the photos is art in itself. The light bouncer is an awesome trick. I love playing with things like that!