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Friday, July 1, 2011

Randomonium Friday...

Once again I have left a huge gap between this and the previous Randomonium Post... no reason other than that's just the point ... totally Random!! Lets get started shall we????

July 4th is upon us, already? yes I know, this year is careering on by at breakneck speed.... what do you have planned?  We are left kind of at a loose end after original plans with the out-laws were cancelled... much to my youngest's chagrin. Poor baby is terribly upset so in true modern parenting style I am left guilt ridden trying to find a way to make it up to her, I know I should just tell her to hitch up her britches and get on with it but I just can't. I'm a bad mother what can I say!!!!

Can you believe I used the word "chagrin"... no me neither, it always sounds so pretentious to me but it seemed to fit that last piece... y'all know I'm not a fancy nancy word user really; although I LOVE words.

Irrational fear of the week, there's a place across the street from my office that cleans cars, it's an old gas station and looks pretty dicey to put it mildly.  Someone once told me it's a cover for drug pushers... maybe that's where this irrational fear comes in.  I desperately need my car to be cleaned inside and out, it would be so convenient to take it over there but I think they're gonna A) steal my car B) steal some of the useless shit that's in my car C) kill me and stuff me into the back of the car and leave me in an ally to be discovered by a skinny abandoned dog.

Would you like to know what the most useful gadget I have discovered this week is??? "Why yes, yes please" I hear you all cry... it's called PDANet, an app that you can download for your Droid (don't know it it's avail for iPhones, and since I don't have an iPhone I don't care) it enables you to tether your laptop to the internet using your phone, without the pesky fees from the phone company. Why would I need this you ask since my laptop is already equipped with WiFi??? well not everywhere I am has a WiFi hot spot available when I want it. So ... coolio ... I can now connect EVERYWHERE on the planet. Whoopity Whoop Whoop. That is HUGE if you live in the Boondocks of South GA...take it from a gal who knows. It's working very well too, only it scared me because when someone texts you it pops up on your laptop screen and I thought someone was messing with my mind the first time it happened.

I have spent some time this week trying to organize myself in respect to visiting my blog peeps, it's hard to keep up. There are so many GREAT bloggers out there and for some reason my Reader and the list on Blogger are not correlated or something, I feel like I'm only actually seeing a feed from a fraction of the blogs that I really follow. So it's hit and miss but I'm trying... I can also see from my stats on blogger that only a wee fraction of my visitors are commenting. Why? am I not comment worthy? are my visitors all spammers? whatev, please yourselves and if you feel  you would like some banter back and forth I welcome it... :) does that make me sound needy???  I am a little needy at times..... just a tad.

Here's something I would like to share.... created by the daughter #2... so lovely.. complete with magnet on the back to stick to the fridge... nice huh????

She sees hearts in just about everything, lets hope that never changes.

and finally...
I urge those of you who loved and remember Char at Rambins to head over to Beth's blog Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken and see what she's made to honor Char's memory. Beautiful badges for us to add to our blogs in order that others may also share in the loveliness that was our good friend. Thank you Beth, you're a sweet, kind person and I'm glad to know you.....

Forever in our Hearts

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Anonymous said...

Send your car over, if A, B or C happens you have told us first - we'll come and get them for ya! Alternately you can avoid the drug pushers and get the soap and water out this weekend! :)