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Sunday, July 24, 2011

a do over...

I pulled this picture out of a few that I took a couple of years ago for our Christmas cards.. 

and I gave it a makeover in PS Elements using an action from Pioneer Woman... soft and faded. 

 I love this action, it's definitely one of my fav's!!!! 

If you're interested in taking your own pictures of your kids in this kind of way just let me 
point out a couple of tips... firstly, don't take them in the bright afternoon like I did, see
how the sky is blown out. Also pay close attention to posing, I didn't realize this at the time
but her left arm looks like it's been chopped off!!! You can see a tiny bit of it but the
puffy sleeve really makes it awkward. 

Hope you like it despite the tiny details that bug me.


Ellie said...

Have been browsing through your blog and you have some lovely pictures.

Brian Miller said...

oh wow...excellent do the light

beth said...

great tip....missing appendages just make photos look funny :)

Barbara said...

I do still love it! But thanks for the tips - I didn't even notice the arm!!