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Monday, July 11, 2011

What the HECK???? Canadian????

Just a short one for Monday.... Syd walked out of her room tonight with a wool hat on her head, the hair all tucked up into it and her ears sticking out...quite hilarious. For a ten year old she looked really little and her ears cracked me up, she told me she had her thinking cap on and proceeded to make funny faces. She was really making me laugh by hamming it up, trying it this way and that, then she pulled it down over her ears and I said "oh, that looks better" to which she replied "what?? I look like a Canadian!".

No I couldn't figure it out either... all I can gather is the random gene has found her... and I love it!!!!

Happy rest of the week Bloggers!!!!


Brian Miller said...

haha...too funny

Mrs. M said...

That is awesome! :)

Barb said...


Anonymous said...

So cute. I miss having a 10-year-old (sometimes :)

Stephanie said...

LOL Tell that sweet girl she would have melted in that hat under our Canadian sun today! It was blistery our there!